Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are offered to Ranch swimmers both in the Spring and Summer seasons. 

2018 Spring Swim Lessons (April 9 - June 6)

We will be offering 15 minute private one-on-one lessons for all Ranch swimmers beginning April 9.

Spring lessons are geared towards learn-to-swim swimmers ages 4 to 6, who are either:

  1. On swim team as 6 & Under swimmer,
  2. Targeting swim team as a 6 & Under this season, or
  3. Intending to participate in the Mini Piranha program this season.

Although Spring lessons are typically for our Mini/6 & Under swimmers, lessons are open to all ages. There are a few time slots available after school, so if your 8 year old needs help with diving, or your 9 year old needs help with turns, please feel free to sign up for a lesson! 

Requirements: Must meet the Minis or 6 & Under requirements (see here)

Days/Times:  Lessons will be offered Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 12:00-3:00pm. Occasionally, if requested, we might do lessons on Sunday, as well. 

Registration: Links to our lesson Sign Up Genius page will be posted here on the Thursday before the upcoming 1 week session, at 8pm.  Please do not sign up before 8pm, as all signups prior will be deleted. 

  • Lesson slots are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • You may select any combination of days/times. They do not have to be the same time or on the same day. Please only sign up for 1 lesson per swimmer per day, with a maximum of 2 per week*.
  • 24 hours notice must be given to cancel or reschedule a lesson. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting your payment.
  • After 7pm on Sunday, you may sign up for additional lessons if there are any remaining slots.

Pricing:   See signup sheet. Pay at the time of sign up to hold your slot.​

Signup:   Lesson signups for the next week will be available at 8pm on Thursdays.  


2018 Summer Swim Lessons (June 11th - July 26th)

Lessons are private one-on-one sessions offered for 20 minutes at a time, and will be available Monday through Friday. Lessons will not be offered on any team special event days such as Team Photo Day. Time slots will be available after all practices are over (after 1:30pm) and before afternoon practice begins (5:00pm). If you would like lessons after 6:30pm, please contact our lesson coordinator to set up a time slot. 

We have various coaches available at different times throughout the week.  If you would like a recommendation as to which coach your child should sign up with, please contact our lesson coordinator.  

Please sign up for no more than two lessons per child (no more than one per day) during the initial sign up period (Thursday 8pm - Sunday, 7pm). After 7pm Sunday, you may sign up for any additional lessons that are available. (Spring lesson rules still apply.)

Cancellation policy is as before--24 hours notice to get a refund, otherwise you forfeit your payment.

OMPA Clinics (July 19 - August 2)

Dive clinics and turn clinics available on Monday and Wednesday the week before OMPA. Maximum of 3 swimmers per clinic. Check the sign up for coach availability closer to the time.

Learn-to-Swim Lessons

Some learn-to-swim lessons may be offered to non-swim team members by our junior coaches during the Summer season. Please check back soon for additional information!


Lessons 7/16-7/20 will be available after 8pm on Thursday.  Only one signup per swimmer with Marc during initial period. Click here for sign up.

Lesson 7/23-7/26:  There will be no lessons on Friday due to Last Blast parties. Click here for signup after 8pm on 7/19.

Lessons 7/30-7/31 (OMPA week):  On OMPA week we will have short 15 minute lessons available.  No more than one lesson per swimmer!



Questions / comments / suggestions? Feel free to email our lesson coordinator, Nanci Thomas (​