Pools & Directions

Campolindo Cabana Club (CCC): 3799 Campolindo Drive (Moraga)

  • Parking: CCC is on the left just past Campolindo. Parking is available in the surrounding neighborhood.

  • *Note: CCC is a meter pool  

Meadow Swim and Tennis (MEAD): 20 Heather Lane (Orinda)

  • Parking: parking on Heather Lane is limited. Alternate parking is available at Glorietta school. (Follow the short trail which leaves from the northwest corner of the Glorietta campus).

  • Note: Heather Lane does not connect to Glorietta Blvd. To drive to Meadow Swim & Tennis you must use Valley Drive.

Moraga Country Club (MCC): 1600 St Andrews Drive (Moraga)

  • Parking: there is limited parking available at MCC. Parking also available in the surrounding neighborhood.

Miramonte (MIRA): 750 Moraga Way (Orinda)

  • Parking: from Moraga Way, turn onto Ivy Drive and continue to the end of the road. Turn right into parking lot. The pool is in the back of Miramonte High School.

Moraga Valley Pool (MVP): 15 Risa Court (Orinda)

  • Parking: available at MVP, and also in the surrounding neighborhood.

Orinda Country Club (OCC): 315 Camino Sobrante (Orinda)

  • Parking: when turning into Orinda Country Club, make a hard left and go down the narrow lane to the pool on the left. There is parking near the pool area and in limited locations around the lake and on Camino Sobrante. Pls. be sure to obey all “No Parking” signs and to park in such a way as to allow emergency vehicle access.

Orinda Park Pool (OPP): 72 El Toyonal (Orinda)

  • Parking: is very limited at OPP and in the surrounding neighborhood. Shuttles to/from OPP typically run during swim meets.

Sleepy Hollow Swim & Tennis (SH): 1 Sunnyside Lane (Orinda)

Soda Aquatic Center at Campolindo High School (OMPA): 300 Moraga Road (Moraga)

  • Parking: from Campolindo Drive, the parking lot is on the left, and pool complex on the far side of the tennis courts. Parking is limited during OMPA.

Heaston Aquatic Center at Acalanes HS (County): 1200 Pleasant Hill Rd (Lafayette)

  • Parking: parking available in the Acalanes parking lot (for County Meet parking, keep an eye out for parking pass and/or shuttle instructions). The pool is located slightly east of the center of campus.