Meet Job Sign-up Instructions

Meet Job Sign-up Instructions

Our meets run entirely on the work and energy of all of you - we can't do it without you!

MEET JOB REQUIREMENTS: Each family is required to sign up for five (5) different meet jobs for regular meets (working at an invitational meet does not count toward regular meets).

MEET LIMITS: Limit on # of Jobs Per Meet:  Each family can only sign up for three (3) meet jobs per meet. Please note that each job slot has to be filled by a family member over the age of 15 or a sub from the Ranch approved buyout list.

INSTRUCTIONS to sign up for meet jobs on TeamUnify:

  1. Log in to TeamUnify
  2. Click Meets & Social Events Tab at the top of the page, third tab from the left
  3. Meets are listed by date. Select the date you want to work and click the Job Sign-up tab for such date.
  4. Follow the sign-up directions at the top of the page.
  5. Pick the job that you would like to do.
  6. Click on Sign-up. (*If you forget to click Sign-up, you will not be assigned to the job!). Your name should appear next to the job.
  7. Review Your Sign-ups -- To view all the jobs you’ve signed up for, go under the Meets & Social Events tab and select the Reports sub-tab, then click on Job Sign-up Report for my Account.


  • Job descriptions are attached.
  • You must do steps 3 – 6 for a total of five (5) different meet jobs.
  • Click Remove Sign-up to change jobs.
  • This is a first come first serve system. The sooner you sign up, the more choices you will have. If a job is full for a certain date, then you must choose a different date or a different job.



You will notice that each meet job is either "Buy Out Available" or "No Buy Out".  The Ranch Approved Buy Out Procedures and List (which will be updated throughout the season) are posted in Team Unify under the Meets & Social Events Tab.

Note that once job sign ups have closed on TeamUnify, you are responsible for working each job or swapping with another family or hiring someone from the Approved Buy-Out List to work those jobs.    


No Show Fee: There will be a $75 no-show fee for each meet job.