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  Frequently Asked Questions

Swim Meets

How will I know if my child is swimming in a specific meet?

Swim meet line-ups will be posted online and you will be able to view them one day prior to the meet.  Click on the Events tab, click on the swim meet in question and then look for the link to the document listing the events. You will also be notified electronically by email. If the documents aren't posted, you can also view your swimmers' events by:

1) Clicking on the Events tab on the green bar.

2) Scrolling through the page to find the specific event.

3) Clicking on the "Attend this event" button.

4) Under Athlete Signup, find your swimmer at the bottom and view the events that have a red check mark next to them in the "Coach Approved" column.   The times beside them are their "seed times" which are their best times in that event so far this season.   
As a general rule, you should sign out your swimmer(s) as soon as you know they won’t be able to participate in a meet. This will ensure that the coaches will sign them up for meets they will be able to attend.

When can I start signing out my kids from specific meets that they can’t attend?

After Time Trials we will enable the on line system to accept sign outs for meets. The Time Trials will be a test for our electronic systems. Once we are sure we have the correct procedures, we will turn on this feature. 

How do I sign out my child from a meet?

You sign out your swimmer on line. To sign in/out for a meet, login to the Team Unify system, click on the Events tab at the top, then click the “Attend this Event” button for the event you want to attend. You can click on the Demo button to get a demo on how to sign up your swimmer.

The process is fairly straightforward – after you’ve hit “Attend this Event” you’ll see a screen listing your registered swimmers.  Click on the swimmer’s name and then select the popup menu next to “Signup Record” to choose whether or not you want your child to swim in that meet.   

Coaches will make the final assignments as to the actual heats and/or relays that your swimmer will swim.  If you have specific requests (e.g. Sally only wants to swim Free and Fly) please enter that in the notes field.

Not all events are yet open for sign ups…they open up closer to the date of the meet.  An email will be sent out as each event is opened for sign up.

What strokes will my child swim in the Time Trials?

Your swimmer will swim all of the strokes he/she knows how to swim.

Do 9-10’s have shepherds?

No. The kids in this age group are older and more independent. Also many have several years of swim team experience and know what to expect at a swim meet.

Where can I find the Time Standards that list Gold, Silver and Bronze times?

You can find the Time Standards at


Volunteer Jobs

Who provides all the volunteers for a swim meet?

Each team participating in the meet is responsible for providing volunteers.

How long is the Desk Job?

The Desk job lasts the length of the swim meet, plus an additional 30 minutes or longer after the meet, depending if there are any computer glitches during the meet.  

How do we sign up for volunteer jobs?

To volunteer for a job, login to our website.   Under the Events Tab, click on “Job Signup” button under the event you want to sign up for.    Follow the instructions that are listed on that page to signup for a job for that event.

To see all jobs you’ve signed up for, go to the Events tab, click on Reports, then click on “Job Signup Report for My Account”.   Then enter the dates of the events – just put May 1, 2018 through Sept 1, 2018 to see all of the 2018 events you’ve signed up for.

To see the balance of hours worked and your remaining work obligation, log in to your account, click on My Invoice/Payment, then click on the Volunteer Hours section.  You’ll see a listing of every completed job you’ve received credit for and your remaining “work balance”.

What are the work requirements for a Junior Gator family?

Click here for more info.

How do I know if we’re a “swim team” family or a “junior gator” family?

A junior gator family is a family that has only junior gators at MSC. Families that have both junior gators and swim team swimmers are considered swim team families and are required to fulfill all work obligation. See our Junior Gator page for more information on the Junior Gator program.

I signed up for a job at the start of season that I can no longer do. Can I cancel this work assignment?

Yes, you can cancel this specific work assignment but you will need to find a substitute. You can swap a job with another volunteer, in which case you will need to notify the Volunteer Coordinator of this switch so that she can keep track of the work credits.  You should inform the Volunteer Coordinator 5 days prior to the swim meet of your inability to work this assignment. Alternatively, you can hire a substitute to fulfill your work obligation.    Look for the list of subs on the Volunteer Subs page.

Is there a roster of swim team families where I can look for a substitute?

All MSC families contact information is available on the website after you log in using your user ID and password.  Click on the Members link on the very top of the page.


Swim Practice

Does the practice schedule change after school is out?

Yes it does.  Check the Practice Schedule for specific times.  While school is in session we use the “pre-season” schedule.  After school is out, we use the summer season schedule.

Will the swimmers work on diving before Time trials?


How do I pay for private swim lessons?

You pay the coach directly by check.  The rate for the swim lessons vary depending by the coaches’ experience, with the head coaches having the highest rates.

Refund Policy

Swim Team

February 15th – May 1st (90% Refund Minus Team Admin Fee of $15)

May 1st – June 1st (45% Refund Minus Team Admin Fee of $15)

After June 1st (No refunds)

Junior Gators

February 15th – day before lessons begin (90% Refund Minus Team Admin Fee of $15)

No refunds once lessons begin