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Swimmers practice once a day, Monday through Friday, in the afternoon; there are no afternoon practices on meet days. Each age group is broken into a practice for novice swimmers and a practice for more experienced swimmers. This allows the coaches to work on the basic stroke skills for the new swimmers and to refine the strokes and further develop the experienced swimmers.

Workouts will become more strenuous around the beginning of July followed by a “tapering” in mid-August when they are less strenuous, with the hope that swimmers will “peak” and swim their best times at the OMPA Championship meet.
Regular attendance and punctuality is expected and encouraged, and is important for swimmers’ development. Coaches expect attentiveness while at practice, and horseplay in the pool or on the deck is not tolerated. Swimmers should remember that workouts are a learning time and should strive to always put their best effort forward. Serious workouts are rewarded by “fun days,” when swimmers participate in fun relays, games, and diving time.
Parents are encouraged to watch our teaching and training sessions, but please do so from a distance. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck close to the swimmers; the bleachers provide a convenient vantage point. Never talk, signal, wave to or admonish your child while he is in workouts. If you notice a problem, talk to the coach in charge of your child's workout after practice. Never time your child in workouts. If your swimmer has a poor workout, offer encouragement for a better swim at the next one.
If you cannot stay at the pool during your swimmers workout or lessons, please be prompt in dropping off and picking him/her up. Children should not be left unattended before and after practice. Tell your children to wait for their ride safely inside the pool gates, not alone in the parking lot.  Swimmers should not distract coaches and swimmers that are busy with another practice.  
Swimmers need to remember that we are guests of Miramonte High School, and should treat the pool and the facilities accordingly. Please clean up after yourselves. And for safety’s sake, never bring glass into the locker rooms or pool areas. Failure to keep the pool and bathroom facilities clean and in good order will result in having our privileges revoked and/or having to pay for additional janitorial expenses, which could jeopardize the team.