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Swimmer Goals

Setting Swimmer Goals

A goal gives swimmers something to work toward, and a way to measure growth and achievement. Goals help keep swimmers motivated, and individual goals remind swimmers that their object is individual improvement - competing with themselves, not with other team members or the opposing team.  
It would be unrealistic - and discouraging - to expect all swimmers to set County qualifying times as their goals; very few swimmers are able to achieve all County times.  Quite a few swimmers are able to achieve one or two County times, in their “best“ strokes. Still, County times are a far-off goal for many swimmers, especially swimmers at the bottom of their age group and beginning swimmers, so there are two other goal levels swimmers can aspire to that are more within reach: “bronze” times and “silver” times. These goal times are listed on our website under the Meet Results tab, OMPA Time Standards sub-tab. Swimmers and parents may work together with the coaches to establish intermediate goals as well.
At each meet, beginning with Time Trials, swimmers’ times are entered into our website, and reports are generated that show the swimmer’s time in each stroke swum at the last meet, their best time so far in all their strokes, how many seconds they have improved in each stroke, and how far away they are from qualifying for the County Meet. Swimmers and parents can get their times within a day after each meet.  (Swimmers who want to know their time as soon as they’ve finished a race need to ask the recorder as they get out of the pool; the desk cannot give times to swimmers or parents.  At meets, swimmers’ times are posted periodically.)