Fall Swim 2019


Head Coach Trevor Rose, Co-Head Coach Ross Dautel, and Co-Assistant Head Coach Jaclyn Amog are here for the Fall Swim Program. The program will focus on: stroke technique, fast turns, breath control, race endurance, race education & development. Fall Swim is an excellent opportunity to work on races and distances not offered in the conventional OMPA setting. USA Swimming meet opportunities are available multiple times throughout the fall season, and timed swims are available for 12 and up swimmers throughout the season here at MVP!

Fall swim will begin Monday, August 26th.  The program will run 5 days a week and we will be offering two payment options:  A 5-day and a 3-day option.  We hope this allows our  swimmers who have other Fall commitments to still participate in our program.  

5 days - $410
3 days - $340

We are offering an early-bird discount for the 5 day option - if you register by August 12th the 5 days a week cost is $390.

10 weeks, Monday August 26th - Wednesday October 30th


Mon-Thurs Practice
8 and under:  3:45-4:30pm
9-11:  4:30-5:30
12 and up:  5:30-6:30pm

Friday Practice
8 and under:  3:45-4:30pm
9 and up:  4:30-5:45pm

***All 6 & under swimmers need to check in with Coach Trevor by email at ([email protected]) before signing up for Fall Swim. Swimmers & families new to swim team can meet with Coach Trevor to review the program and determine readiness.***


MVP Fall Swim will be hosting 2 meets for our Fall Swimmers.  We will he holding both meets at Miramonte and will be swimming a USA Swimming style meet, with different races that we swim during our OMPA season.  The kids had a LOT of fun trying out some different swims last year.  Our swimmers will not need to register with USA Swimming and fees for both meets are included in the Fall Swim fee.   Exact dates will be released once we finalize pool availability, but we are hoping to hold one meet in the middle of the fall season and one towards the end

Any questions?  Please contact Dave Walls at [email protected]

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