A, B, A/B, A+! ?

An “A” meet is a meet in which generally only swimmers with one of the three fastest times in one or more of the strokes for their age group compete. These meets are scored.  There is only one heat for each event.  Points are given 1st through 3rd for individual events and 1st and 2nd for relays.  The points are totaled to determine which team will win the meet.  MVP awards ribbons for places one through six at "A" meets, but some clubs may only award ribbons for the top three places.

A “B” meet is a meet consisting of those swimmers who generally do not swim in “A” meets.  These meets have multiple heats and are not scored.  “B” meets generally exclude the swimmers with one of the three fastest times in multiple events.  Most clubs award ribbons for first through sixth place.

An “A/B” meet is a meet in which the entire team participates without limiting the number of single person/single stroke heats.  The first heat is scored, as in an “A” meet.  All subsequent heats are considered together for the purpose of assigning “places” for the “B” part of the meet.

An “A+1” or “A+2” meet is scored in the same as an A/B meet.  In an A+1 meet there are only two heats so the swimmers with one of the 6 current fastest times in one or more strokes will compete. There are two additional heats in an A+2, and three additional (for a total of four) in an A+3 meet.