Guests Welcome

Guests Welcome

As a member of the Old Orchard Swim Club you can bring guests to spend the day and fill out your summer.  The guest policy is designed to create a fair option for all members.  Many members bring friends from neighboring communities, adult brothers/sisters, grandparents, and visitors to the area.

Guests are defined as non-members residing OUTSIDE of the areas that would normally qualify the individual to be members of OOSC. Dependent members over the age of 13 may bring guests to the pool with the approval of an adult sponsoring member.  ALL guests must be accompanied by a member 13 years of age or older.

Guests may be registered for daily or weekly periods.

The sponsoring adult member, upon entering the grounds, must register ALL guests.  A guest book will be maintained, which the sponsor must sign.

Guest Fee Schedule

WEEKDAYS: $8.00 ($5.00 after 6pm), $20 family rate

WEEKENDS: $10.00 ($5.00 after 6pm), $25 family rate

WEEKLY RATES: Individual $45.00, Family $110.00

No charge for senior citizens (65 and older).

Babysitter fee is $100 for the season.

Please note:  Residents eligible for OOSC membership cannot enter OOSC as guests, except as a guest of a member at a specially designated event.  See membership bi-laws for more information.