Parent Jobs

Family Responsibilities

Spirit Jobs

Each family is responsible sign up for one Spirit Job for the season, as well as, provide a dish to 2 Friday Night Dinners.  Please note that there are Spirit Jobs available in which you can sign up to work at Friday Night Dinners, but this is different than providing dishes.  

To sign up for a Spirit Job, please CLICK HERE

For questions regarding Spirit Jobs please contact Carmen Rodwell,

Friday Night Dinners

To sign up for Friday Night Dinners, please CLICK HERE  Please remember you need to sign up for 2 evenings.

Friday Night Dinners are from 5:45pm-7pm.  Please have your dish at the pool no later than 5:30pm.

Please put your name on your dish and serving utensils, and bring only disposable dishes, leaving your valuable dishes at home.  Dishes that are not picked up after the dinner will be donated to Goodwill or thrown away.  This became an issue last year, making an area of the pool deck quite an eye sore.  Please help us maintain our pool deck by retrieving your dishes after the dinners.  Thank you!

Meet Jobs

Along with the previously stated responsibilities, each family is also responsible to help at meets in which their swimmer(s) attend.  CLICK HERE for a description of the Parent Meet Jobs.

1 swimmer = 1 meet job

2 or more swimmers = 2 meet jobs

To sign up for a meet job, go to the Greemeadow Home Page, scroll down to "Registration and Upcoming Events, and Select Swim Team Signups tab and select "Job Sign up" button next to the meet CLICK HERE for the home page)


July 4th Bake Sale

The 4th of July is one of the best reasons to live in Greenmeadow.  The swim team’s biggest fundraiser of the year includes the Bake Sale. 

Each family is required to sign up to bring an item for the Bake Sale.  If you are not in town for this event, we will work with you to get your item to the Bake Sale.