Greenmeadow Videos


 Back in 1994 then Greenmeadow President Sigrid Pinsky suggested the idea of creating a video talking to Greenmeadow residents, including original owners about what it's like to live in Greenmeadow.  This was done to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Greenmeadow neighborhood.  This project grew into a series of five videos.  We were lucky enough to recruit Steven Eichler, grandson of Greenmeadow's builder, Joseph Eichler, as our host and interviewer.

The videos have now been uploaded to YouTube.  The links are as follows:

1.  Introduction *

2.  Greenmeadow History

3.  Greenmeadow Architecture

4.  Greenmeadow Community Association

5.  Greenmeadow 4th of July

* The introduction contains a shortened version of the other four episodes.

This video was shot in 1993 and 1994 using SD analog video;  the picture quality is not up to today's standards. 

You can also find some short clips from this video series embedded in the History of Greenmeadow.