The parent board is committed to organizing a safe and exciting season. We would be delighted to answer your question and help you get accustomed to the Gator swim program.  If you have questions that concern coaching specifics or other coaching related matters such as practices, meet lineup, and goal setting, please contact Coach Kelly.

2021-2022 Winter Board - Please email [email protected]

President, Andrea Walter

Vice President, Jenea Garges

Treasurer, Lu Zhang

Secretary, Kate Aquila

Diving Rep, Cheryl Evers

Boys Rep, Michele Bolender

Girls Rep, Tina Daly

Communication, Nikki Peotrowicz

Volunteer and Support

It has been the great family support over the years that have made the Pennridge Gators a standout both in the league and community. Our competitive swimming and diving program allows children to experience success, learn how to deal with defeat, learn to set goals for themselves, and become healthy and physically fit.  As a parent, our major responsibilities are to provide a stable, loving, and supportive environment.  Creating a positive environment together will encourage your child to continue their growth and love in the sport of swimming and diving.  Show your interest by ensuring your child's attendance at practices and by attending dual meets.  Get involved with the Pennridge Gators.   Your role as a volunteer is important to our program.  Our program is STRONGER when everyone works TOGETHER.   With a positive attitude and willingness to lend a hand, you will make a great impact on your child's swimming and diving program.

We look forward to a great season working together with all the swimmers, divers, and families. Come share our enthusiasm for swimming and diving and be an important part of our success!

Family Volunteer Check

Each family will be required to provide a deposit check of $200 during the first week of practice. The check will not be deposited. The check will be returned when the family has met the volunteer requirements of 5 DIBS requirements. DIBS can be earned by volunteering at our Pennridge Time Trial invitational meet and dual meets. We are aiming for 100 percent participation in all dual meets and our Pennridge Time Trial meet. The goal of the PAC board is to return all checks at the end of the season. The team does not want to deposit one check, but rather have each family volunteer!!! It has been the great family support over the years that have made our team a standout both in the league and community.