The website is the main source of information for all the happenings for the team.  It is very important for all families to continually check the website.  There is no longer a paper copy of the meet sign up and volunteer sign up forms.  All swimmers must sign up for swim meets via the website, in addition, all volunteer requirements will also be monitored via the website.


Sometimes, emails will be sent to notify families about upcoming swim or social events.  Be sure to set your email to accept email from emails, and check your junk folder for any missed emails.  However, your best way to stay on top of things is to regularly check the website!

Folders have been assigned for each family and are located poolside.  They will be used to put the ribbons and medals earned by your swimmers.  In addition, one of your fellow swimmers produces a newsletter every couple of weeks and this will be put in the folders.

There is also a folder for coach Susan and Coach Jason.  You may also contact the coaches via the website.  See Coaches.