Guests & Parties




Moyaone  Swim Club welcomes the guests of its members.  To ensure fairness and ease of implementation, every guest, including houseguests and out of town guests, is required to have a guest pass.  These can be purchased individually at the front desk for $5.00, or in books of ten for $40.00.

Moyaone Swim Club members must accompany their guests while at the pool.  Guests must be registered on the sign-in sheet at the front desk with an emergency phone number listed.


Members of Moyaone Pool may use the facilities for private parties.  All parties require prior approval!  A guest list must be
submitted one week in advance. 

How to book a party:  Fill out a party request form, which is available at the front desk.  Meet with the Pool Manager to confirm and book your reservation.   You must submit the required guest list for guest check in one week prior to the party.


Cost of parties:  A $10.00 reservation fee and a $5.00 per non-member guest fee is required.  Parties over 25 require additional lifeguard fees and pool board approval.  Your cost for additional lifeguard fees will be based on the party size.  Request the party space early if you would like to hold a party of over 25!