Membership for Sale

Memberships for Sale by Departing Members

Thank you for your interest in joining Belair Swim and Racquet Club. Each year a number of members sell their membership via private sale. If you purchase a memerbship via private sale, you must deal directly with the seller. The Club does not participate in private sales of membership. 

Once you have purchased the membership, please complete THIS FORM and sned it to the Membership Chair at PO Box 499, Bowie, MD, 20718. You can then register for the 2019 season via this website. When you register your family, please select "Annual Memmber Family". The cost will be $575 if not purchased in full before March 1, 2019.


List of Private Sellers

Please contact the members below to discuss price and arrange for the purchase of their membership.

  1. Laurie High -
  2. Lenny Merryman -