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One of the best things about our facility is the space BSR members have to invite friends and family over to celebrate with us. From birthday parties, to retirement celebrations, to family gatherings, there is nothing better than turning up the grill, pulling up some chairs and spending some quality time with each other. 

We have three primary spaces that are suitable for larger groups:

  • Party Zone #1 - the Gazebo area
  • Party Zone #2 - the grass area beside the little kids playground and wading pool
  • Party Zone #3 - the grass area opposite the big kids playground (at the end of the swim lanes)

Parties in these locations can be reserved in advance on a first come first served basis. Each area has a grill for use at the party but we ask that parties that last longer than 3 hours be willing to share the grill with other members as is needed.

Fees for Parties

  • Parties under 10 outside guests: regular daily guest fee rate per person (Mon-Sun)
  • Parties over 10 outside guests:   $4:00 per person (Mon-Fri), $8 per person (Sat-Sun)

The BSR member scheduling the party is responsible for paying the Guest fee for ALL guests attending the party (adults and children over the age of 3) regardless of whether they swim or not. The gate guard MUST have a guest list prior to the party and will check off party guests as they arrive. All fees MUST be paid for 30 minutes after the time the party begins. Late arriving guests who have not been paid for will be charged the daily gate fee for admission.


Party Reservation Rules

An adult member must contact a pool manager at least ONE WEEK in advance of the event to determine the availability of dates and times to schedule the event and reserve area desired (Gazebo or an area in the grass). Rain dates are not available for reservation.

  • Event reservations must be made at least ONE WEEK prior to the event using the ONLINE FORM
  • A typed Guest list must be submitted to the gate guard prior to the party
  • Parties are limited to (50) guests
  • NO GLASS is allowed at the pool. ALL coolers and bags will be searched.
  • No personal music shall be played including DJs, speakers, etc

The adult BSR member arranging the party must agree to the following:

  • I am responsible for my guests and their actions
  • I will make all guests aware of the rules of the pool
  • I will take responsibility for the clean-up of my party, return all chairs to the deck, bag all trash and discard it in the trash cans or dumpster.

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