Introduction to Swim Team

Summer swim team is a great way for young swimmers to have fun, make new friends, get exercise, improve techniques and work toward individual swimming goals.  Swimmers will develop all four competitive strokes (butterfly, freestyle, breast and back) as well as technical skills such as starts, turns, and finishes.  Swimmers will improve skills during practices, and the swimmers will have an opportunity to participate in swim meets ranging in level from introductory to competitive.

The BBT swim team is a member of the Prince-Mont Swim League (PMSL), a competitive summer swim program with more than thirty teams.  BBT’s PMSL schedule consists of seven meets on seven consecutive Saturday mornings, including five dual meets (competitions between two teams), Divisionals (a swim meet that includes the best swimmers from all teams in the same PMSL division) and the All-Star meet (a swim meet that includes the best swimmers from the entire league).

The Saturday morning PMSL dual meets are known as “A” meets, and these meets do not include all swimmers on the swim team.  Eligibility for the “A” meets will vary from week to week depending on swimmer availability and changes in swimmers’ seed times.  However, recent changes in PMSL rules have resulted in more swimmers participating in “A” meets.

The swim team will participate in up to three introductory swim meets known as “B” meets.  “B” meets generally take place on Tuesday evenings, and eligibility to participate in the "B" meet may be restricted based on participation in the previous "A" meet.  “B” meets are a great way for new swimmers to gain confidence and experience, and the relaxed rules make the meets more fun for the kids.

The BBT swim team also participates in two competitive multi-team meets that include other swim teams from Bowie.  The Bowie City Meet and Bowie City Relays have been an annual tradition for the BBT swim team for decades.  These two meets give the swimmers the ability to compete with their friends from nearby pools, and the Bowie City Meet provides an opportunity for the swimmers to let their team spirit show as they march into the venue wearing outfits that match a theme of the team’s choosing.

Summer swim is not all about meets and practices.  An annual team trip to Rehoboth Beach takes place each July.  A charter bus will be available to transport some of the swimmers, although many parents drive as well.


Swim Team Eligibility

The BBT swim team is open to pool members who are between 6 and 18 years old as of May 31, 2021.  Swimmers must be able to swim at least one length of the pool (25 meters) to be eligible, and the membership dues for the swimmer’s family must be paid in full before the swimmer can participate in swim team activities.


Swim Team Cost

Participation in the swim team costs $20 per swimmer, with a maximum cost of $60 per family.  Families with three or more swimmers will be charged the maximum amount of $60. Please note that for the short 2021 season, the fee has been changed to $15 per person with a maximum of $45 per family.


Swim Suits

Although BBT swim suits are available for purchase, they are not mandatory for participation in swim meets.  Parents of new and younger swimmers might consider purchasing a less expensive suit until they can determine their child’s level of interest.  Parents wishing to match the team suits as closely as possible can consider these examples.

Team swim caps are mandatory, and they are available for purchase.

Official BBT swim suits are available through Metro Swim Shop, 883 Airport Park Road in Glen Burnie (443) 891-0800.  A Metro Swim Shop representative will be at BBT on Thursday, May 30th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm for sizing and ordering.  Swimmers must be dry to try on suits.  Goggles will also be available for purchase from the Metro Swim Shop representative.  Swim suits ordered by May 31st will available for the first “A” meet.


Swim Team Registration

Registration can be performed online via the BBT Swim Team Registration page.  Payment, however, must be made in person.  Please bring check or cash payment to Coach Emily during swim team practice.  We are asking that all payments be provided in an envelope labeled with the name(s) of your child(ren).  With so many payments being collected, it's easy to lose track when cash payments are made without a labeled envelope.



With the exception of the coach and the assistance coaches, the swim team is a volunteer run organization.  It takes 40 to 60 volunteers to run an “A” meet, and that doesn’t count volunteers for concessions.  Parents can expect to volunteer on a weekly basis.  Some volunteer positions require training and certification from PMSL.  Swim meets can’t take place without certified officials.


Swim team families are expected to contribute food items for concessions in order to fulfill the volunteer requirements.


Practice Schedule

Practices generally take place in the late afternoon until around the time that the Prince George’s County Public Schools are closed for the summer.  Practices will then take place in the morning.  Click here for the 2021 practice schedule.


2021 Swim Team Schedule of Events

Click here for the 2021 BBT Swim Team schedule of events.