Volunteer Deposit Check Policy

Volunteer Deposit Check Policy


Dear BBT parents,

Welcome to the latest BBT Dolphins swim season!

Summer swim is different from most sports in that it’s a family affair.  In order to have a successful season and to run smooth swim meets the team is dependent on parent volunteers.

In the past BBT has required a volunteer deposit check from each family written for $50.  If the family did not meet the required number of volunteer hours/items by the end of the season, the check would be cashed, and the money added to the swim team fund.

The team is dependent on volunteers.  Volunteers are not optional.  If there aren’t enough volunteers, the swim meets can’t take place, or we lose out on crucial fundraising from our concessions.

Over the past few seasons, begging for volunteers became a norm, and the same parents volunteered week after week.  The same parents put in hours of time and energy every week for every meet.  This time and energy is worth more than $50.  It’s worth more than any amount of money.

I remember as a kid watching my mom and dad volunteer.  My dad would time at the meets, and he later became a stroke & turn official.  My mom had to one up my dad, and she became a Starter.  It meant the world to my team to have my parents and other parents to depend on.  It meant the world to me to know that my parents worked so hard to make our swim experience a great one.  It encouraged me to swim harder and put as much effort into my work as they did. 

Here is my point, I have decided to get rid of the $50 volunteer deposit check.  Volunteering for summer swim is worth more than any amount of money.  It’s something I want parents to do happily and not begrudgingly.  I want them to do what they’re able and capable of doing in their current circumstances.

I have friends who just had babies and whose husbands work crazy hours, and the last thing they’re expected to do is stand by the side of the pool timing races for three hours.  However, they are able to bring things to sell for the concession stand or hand out waters to the timers.  There are jobs that can be done by anyone, and there are jobs that are impossible for some.  If we come together as a unit, work together, and support each other, we can make this season wonderful for our kids, and we can enjoy doing it.

The swim chair and I don’t want to send obnoxious emails begging for help or stressing over how many timers and judges we have because we are confident that the parents are on board and ready to help.  Signing up early in the week also helps us out because it will give us one less thing to worry about, and it will keep us from having to send out emails encouraging people to sign up.  There’s plenty of other work to do to prepare for a meet.

I am so excited that we had five parents volunteer for a stroke and turn clinic!  Thank you!  Those three hours of sitting in a class are worth more than $50! 

Please know that when you sign your child up to be a part of this memorable experience that is summer swim, you are signing yourself up to be part of the motor that makes summer swim run like a fine oiled machine.  This is going to be a summer to remember, and you are part of that memory!

Thank you so much parents.

Coach Emily