Volunteer Jobs


This covers the MEET volunteer opportunities.

Please note: our faithful Swim & Dive Team Coordinators are responsible for the overall coordination of the team including coaches, social events and every detail of enabling our team.     

Let them know you appreciate them by helping where you can!

To volunteer for a DIVE or SWIM job: go to the meet event page and click the 'volunteer' button.    Choose your job, then click save!


There are the volunteer jobs for diving:

  • Scoring: requires attendance at league Officials clinic.
  • Table Assistant:  Track scores & fill out ribbons.
  • Announcing (home meets only)

NOTE: Please see the coach or Diving Rep if you are able to help at a Diving Meet.


Each family is needed to work a half of our meets - home and away.    Some work whole meets and we love you!     We also understand that those with little ones are less available than those with older kids.

  • The first half works thru Breast Stroke, and 2nd half follows from there.   
  • Most jobs do require your attention and may not allow you to attend to younger children.

The following is a description of Swim Team jobs:

Age Group Parents (home and away):

For the younger groups: these parents help gather and line up the kids with lane slips for their events.    The coaches will help you.

TIPS: You might recruit a few extra parents to help with relays so you aren’t outnumbered.    

Have your age group sit together and introduce yourselves as their group parent.      Remind kids to stay in your team area through out the meet.

Head Timer (home):

Home Meets.  Run the timers meeting and provide backup watches.    Ensure timers have equipment.

Timers (home and away):

Each team provides timers for each lane, each half meet.     There is a Timers meeting to review procedures 15 minutes before the start of each meet. 

  • Check that the swimmer’s name matches the lane slip/timer sheet.    Record any discrepancies. 
  • Start your watches at the light/beep and stop at the final touch of the wall.    Record times on the lane slip/timer sheet.
  • Timers determine each athlete’s time.      The times are averaged to determine an OFFICIAL time.   Obviously, close times provide the most accurate official time.    If you know a time is bad, cross it out.
  • If you miss the start, raise your hand and maybe we can get you a backup watch.

Place Judges (home & away):

League rules require that place position be determined by Place Judge.    2 place judges each half meet from our team will work together to sight and record the finishes 1st – 8th.     At our meets, we only do this for Championship Heats.      The other team will also provide Place Judges.   The places of both sets of judges must agree.   Otherwise, we could defer to the official time

Starter and Deck Official (home meets):

Ensure kids are lined up and ready on deck to keep the meet running efficiently.     Run the starting equipment.      This is a trained/skilled position.

Stroke/Turn Judge (Official) (home and away meets):

One each for each half home & away.       Following PPSL/USA Swimming stroke & turns.    Ideally, you will have attended a PPSL clinic.    Work with the Meet official and each other to confirm heats subject to judging (usually only competition heats).   If you are not able to attend the clinic, please see the Team Coordinator to explore options to get the training.  .    This is a trained/skilled position.

Runners (home meets)

We have  runners per half meet, only at Home meets.     The runner collects Official’s DQs and assists the Scorer table with any timer lookups.

Awards (home and away):

Usually 2 per half.    At home meets, you apply labels to ribbons and help file for our kids.     At away meets, you might be writing the labels as well.    You will be able to watch your kids swim from the Score table.

Announcer (home meets):

Make team announcements including First and Second event calls, following the meet so kids get to the blocks when needed.

Score Table Assistant (home and away):

1 per half.    At home meets, they will help organize the lane slips in prep for computer entry – marking places and putting in lane order.    At away meets, you might also be averaging the times.   You will be able to watch your kids swim from the Score table.


We have been using Meet Manager to enter results and score the meet.      This is a skilled position.      There are two of us that split the meet to keep up with the pace.   

Bake Sale:

Sell goods at the parent contributed sale at our Home meets to make money for the team.      We usually have a number of workers so you can cover for each other when your child is swimming.

Griller Master & Grill helper.  (home):

Grill dogs/hamburgers/bratts.    Grill Master is the master planner and will create the shopping list as well as coordinate the volunteers grilling during the meets.