Group Descriptions

We are ONE team, Swim and Dive.      Final League status is determined by the 'A' championships of Swim & Dive scores combined.

Competition is according to age groups: 8&Under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15&Older (thru High School).

Mt. Lookout has the following sub teams (an athlete may participate in more than one):

Dive Team: This is the competition Dive team.

Mini Whales: this is our Developmental Swim program for kids too young for the regular swim team, usually 6 and younger.    They are smaller in numbers and need more attention at practices.    Mini Whales was introduced when younger siblings asked to be involved.     Mini Whales compete ONLY at home meets and only in Freestyle.     They are adorable.    The coach will help determine if this is the right group for your swimmer.

Swim Team: This is the competition Swim program.