How To...Attend/Decline


(Diving meets - your entries will be determined by your attendance at warmups.    Please sign up for Diving Volunteer jobs!)

We ask EVERY parent to commit your athlete to EACH MEET by using the Attend/Decline button found at the top of each meet page.     You must first sign in to the site.    Please don't leave the coaches guessing if your swimmer is coming or not!

Please note: For CHAMP meets (Eastside & PPSL), the swim & dive coaches will decide who swims which meet (A or B).  

Please DECLINE if you are NOT available each champ meet.     A entries are limited to two entries per event.    B meet is not limited.   If you do NOT decline, we will assume you are available.

To declare:

1. Go to the Meet event page, then click on the Attend/Decline button at the top.

2. If you will NOT be attending, please DECLINE as follows:  

  • For each swimmer, click on the name and then select NO and then click the SAVE button!       From mobile devices, the SAVE is sometimes hard to find - scroll down.

3. If you ARE attending - to be entered in the meet:

  • For each swimmer, select YES.       For minis- you are done. 
  • For non-Mini Swimmers:  Coaches will select your events.
    • You may add a comment if you have special instructions for the coaches.
    • Coaches make all relay decisions.      If you are not available for the first or last relays, please say so in comments.
  • Then CLICK SAVE.   You may need to scroll down to find the save.     If you didn't save, your edit didn't happen.      

Questions?     Click the Contact Us to email for help.