Swim Meet Checklist

Saturday Morning “A’ Meets

  • For home meets - Arrive at CB by 7:45. Warm Ups begin at 8. The meet begins at 9:00.

  • For away meets - Arrive at CB by 7:15 to caravan to the meet.  It is necessary for swimmers to report to CB Pool before traveling to an away A Meet or notify the coaches in writing that you will meet at the pool where we are swimming.  This allows swimmers to check in with the coaching staff.  If a swimmer does not check in he/she risks being scratched from the meet and replaced by another swimmer.  All cars caravan together from CB to the meet.


Wednesday Evening “B” Meets

  • For home meets - Arrive at CB by 5 pm.

  • For away meets - Arrive at the pool hosting the meet by 5:00 for warm ups.  The meets begin at 6 pm.



For each meet the coaches suggest a theme.  All swimmers and spectators are invited to dress up in a way that represents the theme.  This is just fun and silly, encouraged, but not mandatory.


What to pack

  • Team suit and a spare suit

  • Team cap and a spare cap

  • Two pairs of goggles

  • One or two towels

  • Sweatshirt/pants in case it gets chilly

  • Food

  • Water

  • Small quiet games or activities (books, card games etc.)

  • Sunscreen


What to do

  • The night before, eat a healthy dinner and get plenty of sleep.

  • Swimmers should check in with the coach and the team area upon arrival.

  • Be dressed and ready for warm ups 5 minutes early.

  • Remain in the team area during swim meets.  This is necessary so swimmers know when to report to the Clerk-of-Course for their events.

  • Play quiet games with other team members.

  • Do not bring or play with footballs, soccer balls, etc…

  • Swimmers should speak with their coaches immediately prior to reporting to Clerk-of-Course, as well as immediately upon finishing their races.  This gives the coaching staff a chance to offer advice, reminders, constructive criticism, and feedback.

  • Swimmers should not leave a meet until it has ended.  If for some valid reason a swimmer must leave early, he/she must talk with the head coach before leaving.


What to Eat

  • It is recommended that swimmers refrain from eating sugary and/or fatty snacks during the course of the swim meet. 

  • Recommended snacks: plain bagel, fruit, peanut butter crackers, energy bars.

  • Recommended drinks: water is best, but sports drinks are O.K. (preferably diluted 50%-50% with water). 

  • When swimmers have completed all their races (including relays if applicable) then they may eat the treats!