Info for Parents

Team Unify Website


This Team Unify site is an online swim team management system.  Each family must use an email address to create an account in order to register, sign up for the required volunteer jobs, receive email communications from coaches and staff, check meet results, and log swimmers’ participation in future meets. The Swim Team Parents Committee also posts important information such as the handbook, calendar, and codes of conduct on this site.  


Team Unify offers a free app called “On Deck”, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Families may use this app to update their account information, keep track of your swimmers’ progress, see the results of swim meets, and other useful tasks.


Swimmer Availability


It is crucial that swimmers and parents check the line-up to see which swimmers are scheduled to compete.  Swimmers and their parents should never “assume” they are or are not entered in a meet for a variety of reasons.  


Coaching staff assumes that your swimmer is available to participate in all meets during the season, unless otherwise notified.  If you know that you will be out of town, etc., you must remove your swimmer from that meet in the Team Unify system.  Failure to do this results in last-minute scrambling to find a replacement swimmer so that our team can qualify in the meets. Before Time Trials, you will be able to remove any swimmer from any meet through your Team Unify account.  After Time Trials, if a swimmer becomes unavailable to swim in a meet, please send that information (swimmer’s name, date of meet they are unable to attend) via email the Head Coach Danny Benedetti: [email protected], or you may call him at 301-655-1995.


Swim Team Apparel


Swim Team Suits

The CB Gator team suit is a solid black bathing suit with the CB Gator logo ironed on.  It is important for everyone participating on the Swim Team to have the proper suit as it helps to build team unity and pride in our Gators!


If you have a suit from last year, you are welcome to use it.  If you need to purchase a new suit please visit Capital Sport and Swim in Kensington,, 10558 Metropolitan Ave, Kensington, MD 20895, (301) 949-7366.  New suits may be purchased and they will add the logo.  Fees range but tend to be $30-$40 for boys and $50-$70 for girls.



A CB team swim cap will be distributed to each swimmer that is brand new to the team.  Additional silicone caps are available for purchase. Wearing of the team swim caps is optional, but encouraged. However, you may not wear a cap from another team during the meets.


Gator Gear - Sales TBA


Volunteer Responsibilities (Our Big Gators)


With almost 200 swimmers on our team, our parent volunteers are so important.  We could not run a successful team without each of you.  Thanks in advance for your help!


We need 30 volunteers to run a home meet and 20 volunteers for away meets. Swim meets do not happen without Timers, Runners, Ribbon Writers, Scorekeepers, etc.  Swim meet volunteer jobs are described in the Meet Information pages of this handbook.   In addition to meets, we host a variety of social and team building activities that are also run by volunteers.


With all of this in mind we require that each family sign up for at least five volunteer jobs during the swim season.  Families with Pre-Team swimmers only are not required to volunteer, although it is a wonderful way to get to know other parents and the CB Community.  We welcome everyone who is interested!


To sign up for your volunteer jobs, please login to the Team Unify site and click on the “Volunteer!” link at the top of the page.  


Volunteer Positions Requiring Certification

Some of the volunteer positions (Referee, Starter, Stroke and Turn Judge) require a certification class that must be renewed on a regular basis.   There is more information about the certification process on the MCSL website, .  Please consider getting certified, it is a huge benefit to our team. If you have any questions, please contact our A Rep, Rob Smith [email protected]


Opt Out Fee

If it is not possible for your family to do five volunteer jobs, then you do have the option to pay an “opt out” fee of $300. Of course we hope you choose to join the fun and volunteer.


Missed Volunteer Jobs

We understand that unexpected circumstances happen and there may be times when you need to miss your Volunteer Duty.  If you are unable to make one of your volunteer commitments, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. If you are new to the Team and are having trouble identifying someone, please contact our Debbie Monahan at [email protected], If you do not find a replacement for your volunteer commitment a fee of $60 will be required.  Once paid, your swimmer will be eligible to swim in the meet.




Communication is a very important aspect of our time together leading up to and during the summer.  We will do our best to strike that perfect balance between keeping you well informed without overloading your inbox.


Parent Kick Off Meeting  At the beginning of the season, we  will have a very important Parent Kick Off meeting at the Snack Bar Patio.  We will review the expectations, discuss any league changes, and provide additional information about the season.


Team Unify: During the season, our primary means of communication will be via email and posts to the Team Unify site.  


Talking with the Coaches: During practices the coaches must focus all their attention on the swimmers, so we ask parents to please not approach coaches during this time. Coaches will often be available for parent/coach communication at the end of each practice, or you may email or call Danny to find a more convenient time.


Suggestions or Comments: If you have a suggestion or concern about the Swim Team, please contact the coaches or the Swim Team Committee Chairman.  Email contact information is on the Team Info page.


Last Updated - April 6, 2022