Swim Meet Volunteer Jobs Defined

These volunteer positions are needed for each MCSL meet:

“A” Rep - The A Rep is responsible for managing all aspects of the A meets.  This person attends all MCSL meetings (monthly between February through July) and reports back to the Swim Team committee.  The A Rep is the team’s representative during the meet and is the ONLY parent who may approach the Referee regarding items that come up during the meeting.


Announcer - During "A" and "B" meets, this person announces each event . During “A” meets they announce the names of each swimmer prior to the start of each event.


Automation: Computer Operator - This person is responsible for the computerized times of the swim meet.  He/she enters swimmer times into the meet software, prints labels and results.


Automation: Scorer - Receives the timer sheets from the runner, puts them in lane order, staples any DQ cards, double checks the official time that has been circled.


Automation: Verifier - Reads the times to the computer operator  and/or checks the printed results printed from the computer against the timer sheets to make sure they were entered correctly.


“B” Rep - Coordinates and oversees the Wednesday night B meets.  During the year, they arrange the teams and dates for all B meets.


Chief Judge** - Certification as a Referee or Stroke and Turn Official is required.  Judge works with the referee to approve disqualifications at the far end of the pool.


Clerk of Course (and Assistant Clerk of Course) - This person is responsible for organizing the swimmers and checking them in for each event.


Concessions (A Meets) - Coordinates the purchase and sales for all concession items at all “A” meets.  Concessions are a fundraising opportunity for the team.


Floater/Substitute - This person plans to arrive with the timers and be at the meet for the entire time and fills in for any of the volunteer jobs that do not require certification.


Head Timer/ Assistant Head Timer - This position starts two watches at the beginning of each heat as backup in case one of the timer’s watches fails to start properly.  This person also collects the cards to give to the runners and helps the referee to run an efficient meet.


Official Snacks: A Meets - Purchase, set up, serve, clean up snacks for all Officials, Timers, and Coaches at the "A" Meets.


Official Snacks: B Meets - Purchase, set up, serve, clean up snacks for all Officials, Timers, and Coaches at the "B" Meets.


Pool Set Up - This position sets up all of the chairs and tents for the meets held at our pool.  Set up for "A" Meets is Friday evening after the Pep Rally (or the evening prior to any morning meet) and set up for "B" Meets is Wednesday afternoon (or start at least 2 hours prior to the start of any weekday afternoon meet).


Referee** - This position requires certification from MCSL. This person is the head judge and official at each meet and ensures all rules and regulations are being enforced and followed.  The referee has the final say on almost all aspects of meet issues.


Ribbon Writer - Each team is responsible for providing a ribbon writer at the scoring table at each meet.

The ribbon writer’s job is to attach the correct label to the appropriate finish ribbon and then place the ribbon in the appropriate team ribbon box.


Runner - This person runs the timer cards from the end of the lane at the end of each heat to the automation table. There are at least two runners at each meet.


Starter** - A person who is certified by MCSL to use the starter machine and start each race.


Stroke and Turn Judge** - This position requires certification from MCSL.  This person is trained in all aspects of each stroke.  He/she documents if a swimmer has an “illegal” stroke.


Take Off Judge - In relay races, this person makes sure that the next swimmer does not start until the previous swimmer has touched the wall. This position does NOT required any certification.


Timer - There are three timers in each lane of the pool during a meet.  These people are responsible for using a stopwatch to time the swimmer in their lane.  All three start their watches when the starter light goes off and stops the watch when the swimmer touches the wall.  The swimmer’s time is the middle time.


** Position requires MCSL Certification