Job Sign-Up

Online Volunteer Job Signup

1.  Your registration and payment must be complete before you can sign into your account and sign up for jobs.

2.  Once signed in, select "Events" from the top navigation bar to view a chronological list of meets and events. 

3.  Select any event in the list to view a description and event details. Click the gray "Job Signup" button to display the list of jobs associated with that event.

4.  Click in the box next to a job, and a checkmark will indicate your selection. Click the "Signup" button at the bottom left, and you will have successfully completed your first job signup! It's that simple.

5.  Notice how many points your job is worth (Either 1 or 0.5 “Points")— the Chargers require that your family obtain at  an absolute minimum of 3 points to have your $150 Volunteer Deposit returned to you. Most families obtain higher than 3 volunteer points in a season.

Once you have signed up for a job, you can return to the list by clicking on "Home" and then "Events" from the top navigation bar to repeat the process. You can, of course, signup for as many jobs as you like, and we will be extremely grateful to those who go above and beyond the minimum. Remember, if your child is swimming, a member of your family should be helping in some capacity.