THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE IS WAITING FOR YOU! If you were a swimmer "back in the day", becoming an official is an easy transition. Even if you didn't swim, you can learn to be an official. You will be attending swim meets to watch your children swim, why not see them from the front row? Several long-time Charger officials have graduated from the team with their senior swimmers, and others have moved on to new positions leaving us with a shortage of officials. We are required to staff both A and B meets, and although we encourage certification for any/all positions, our greatest need is Stroke and Turn officials.

For those of you who find the idea of serving as an official intimidating, please be assured you will be provided free training and support from your colleagues and team reps. MCSL's free clinic Instruction is very thorough, and includes in-water demonstrations. New officials gain confidence by shadowing a more experienced official during an actual swim meet prior to working independently. Several clinic dates and locations are conveniently offered throughout Montgomery County. Clinics run approximately three (3) hours. New S&T clinic runs approximately three (3) hours 15 minutes. For more information, or to register, visit the MCSL website.



MCSL certified official responsible for compliance of the entire officials team and all swimmers during a swim meet. (1 position per HOME meet)  



MCSL certified official responsible for ensuring fair starts; maintains pace of the meet. (1 position per AWAY meet)


Stroke & Turn Judge

MCSL certified official responsible for ensuring a fair and even competition by monitoring and enforcing MCSL stroke and turn rules and event regulations. (2 positions per meet)

****Note: The Calverton Chargers are offering a $50 per family registration discount to S&T officials. If interested, or if you have any questions about officiating, please contact the swim team reps at [email protected]
Please visit the MCSL website for the current listing of officials clinics, locations, and times.


What's Your Status?

If you have previously served as an MCSL official but are unsure of your certification status, please visit the MCSL website to confirm your eligibility. All officials positions are required to maintain certification by attending a refresher clinic every two years in order to officiate for the current swim season.