SSL Hours












ATTENTION SSL HOURS VOLUNTEERS: There are multiple opportunities for students to earn SSL hours during the summer swim season. Volunteers may assist before, during, and after swim meets and social events. To earn SSL hours, students must contact the swim team reps at [email protected] prior to the event. 

Volunteer Opportunities* for incoming 6-12th grade students:

Concessions: Up to 4 hours per home meet (6 positions per HOME meet)

Runner: 2.5 hours per home meet (1 position per HOME meet)

Meet Set-Up: 1.5 hours per home meet (8 positions per HOME meet)

Meet Clean-Up: 1.5 hour per home meet (8 positions per HOME meet)

Assist at Mini-Meet: Mentoring young swimmers through their first competition, providing encouragement, leading cheers, ushering swimmers to their lanes, timing, etc: 4 hours (6 positions )

*All opportunities are on a first-come, first-served basis


All volunteers are requested to sign up prior to the event. Volunteers must check in with a team rep upon arrival. SSL hour forms will be initialed at the end of each event, and signed at the end of the season for the total hours served. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of hours and all necessary documentation. 

***Note: While it is assumed that we will all have fun during swim team activities, it is expected that volunteers will perform the task they have signed up for with pride and to the best of their ability. Cell phone usage is not permitted while volunteering. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, and future volunteer opportunities will be at risk and issued at swim team rep’s discretion.