Swimmer Sign-Up

Online Meet Signup (or...Declaring Your Swimmer's Availability, or.... RSVP)

This very important task notifies the Head Coach of your child's attendance/absence for swim meets, and allows him to seed the meet with a confirmed roster.

1.  Your registration and payment must be complete before you can sign into your account and declare your child's participation in a swim meet.

2.  Once signed in, select "Events" from the top navigation bar to view a chronological list of meets and events. 

3.  Select any event in the list to view a description and details. 

4.  Click the gray "Attend/decline" or "Edit Committment" button, and you will then be presented with a list of athletes registered in your account. If no previous action was taken on this event, the swimmers will display as "Undeclared".

5.  Click directly on a swimmers name. Event synopsis is again presented, but this time with a dropdown menu titled, "Declaration". Select "Yes, please sign "FastFreddie"
 up for this event." OR "No thanks, 
"FastFreddie" will NOT attend this event." Swimmer status will update, and you are DONE! Ignore the other information about events/times etc.

6.  What if you need to change your response? No problem. Go to "Events" on the Home page and locate the desired event in the chronological list. The "Edit Committment" button will now display as a pink button. Click the button and follow steps 4-5 to change your response.

TIP: Not only can you sign up for jobs and declare attendance from both the "Events" and "Team Calendar" drop down menus, but also from the Events floating panel on the lower left of the home page. Same sign up process applies.