In addition to a full swim team practice and meet schedule, the Chargers also offer a Pre-Team program for swimmers aged 5-7 who have earned, or are close to earning their club swim patch, but are not quite ready for swim team. Pre-Teamers must be able to swim freestyle the width of the poolPre-team practices are designed to develop swim skills and confidence, and begin immediately after Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) close for the summer. The conclusion of the Pre-team season is the much anticipated Mini-Meet when the youngest members of the Charger community are given an opportunity to shine. The Pre-team coach, Coaches in Training (CITs), and older team members show their spirit and help mentor and guide their younger counterparts through their first competition in an environment charged with encouragement and enthusiasm. The Chargers traditionally invite additional MCSL teams to participate to ensure plenty of competition and excitement. Participation in the Mini-Meet is by coach's invitation.

For an assessment of your swimmer's abilities and recommendation for appropriate placement on pre-team vs swim team, please contact Head Coach Tony Murray at  [email protected].

You must be a club member in good standing in order to register a member of your household on the Calverton Charger Swim Team. Memberships are available. Please contact Kari Banks at [email protected]


Calverton Mini-Meet Invitational

Sunday, July 14, 2020

Meet: 9:00 am at Northwest Branch (Away)

Address: 10850 Lockwood Drive Silver Spring, MD

Arrival time: 8:00 am; Warm Ups at 8:30 am

Spirit theme: TBD

Participation by coach's recommendation.


Participation in the Mini-Meet by Pre-team swimmers is by coach's invitation, and you will then be asked to declare your swimmer's availability via the "Events" tab on the Home page. Declaring your swimmer's availability (kind of like an RSVP) is an important responsibility for each Charger family and helps the Pre-team coach seed the meet. Failure to declare yes/no can result in your swimmer(s) being unable to participate in a meet. See the "How-To" under the Volunteers drop down menu on the home page for instructions.



Tips and Reminders


Registration Fee: $125/first swimmer, $95 second swimmer, $60 third athlete to a maximum of $280/family. Registration and payment are due no later than Time Trials.


Missing a Meet.  If you are scheduled to swim in a meet but are unable to participate for any reason (illness, vacation, etc.) you must notify the head coach as soon as possible. Failing to show up, or leaving early, causes the team to lose points and often means losing the meet. We respectfully ask that you make every effort to avoid vacations during swim season if possible. If travel is inevitable, small schedule adjustments such as delaying departure until after a Saturday morning swim meet can sometimes make a difference in a win/loss for the team.


Transportation. If any swim team family has a transportation conflict that jeopardizes your child's ability to participation in a Saturday morning or Wednesday evening swim meet, please do not hesitate to contact a team representative. We will provide, or find, carpool transportation for your child.


Arrival Time: Please note meet start and warm up times. It's a good idea to arrive 15 minutes prior to warm ups to allow your child sufficient time to get settled and be ready and on deck with cap and goggles. A late arrival may force the head coach to make lineup adjustments resulting in your child being scratched from the meet. Be assured we do NOT want to be faced with this scenario, so please arrive on time.


Warm Ups: Warm ups are important for your child's physical health and instills good habits. Get in the "zone" and arrive on time. After warm-up, swimmers will gather with coaches and teammates for a pep talk and prepare for spirit themes with costumes, props, and cheers.


Goggles and Gear: Every Charger swimmer should come prepared with his/her team suit, cap, goggles, at least one towel (a second is always a good idea for cold/wet days), and warm clothes in their swim bag. Remind your child to seek shade on hot days, and a full water bottle is essential to staying hydrated. Application of SPF sunscreen is encouraged.


Safety and Courtesy: All swimmers are expected to remain in the team area and stay until the conclusion of the meet unless they have been excused by the head coach. Please be respectful of your teammates and coaches as the success of the team depends on communication.


Parent Volunteers NEEDED: Swim meets simply cannot happen without help from parent volunteers. Thank you to those of you who share you time and talents. Those of you who are new, we'll teach you! We need you! To sign up, please visit the Events page or Team Calendar, locate a  meet or social events, and indicate which job(s( you can do.