Swim Meet Volunteers

CHARGER PARENTS ROCK THE HOUSE! Swim team representatives would like to thank parent volunteers for all you do to make swim team at CSC possible. Swim meets are organized and run volunteers, and we simply could not function without your support. Both the host pool and visiting teams contribute volunteers and officials to staff each and every meet. If your child is swimming, at least one member of your family is expected to volunteer in some capacity. Home meets include B Relay Carnival and Division Championship. Volunteering is a great way to meet other Charger families and get to know the swimmers. Job signup for meets and social events can be located in the "Events" tab on the Home page. If you have questions, please contact a team representative.

Announcer: announces events during the swim meet .

Automation/Computer Operator: assists coach in preparing for swim meets, inputs swimmers’ times into Meet Manager software during the meets; prints meet results for posting during the meet; produces a database for both teams and MCSL at the conclusion of every home A-meet.

Automation/Verifier: works alongside the computer operator to ensure accuracy of swimmer’s times as they are input into Meet Manager software.

Awards: works during dual meets to affix labels to swimmers’ ribbons.

Clerk of Course: controls swimmer traffic on deck; checks swimmers in and notifies them of their lane assignments; Assistant Clerk may place swimmers in order and usher them to their lanes.

Head Timer/Asst. Head Timer: assists head referee by conducting timer's meeting; coordinates timer's lane assignments; provides back-up watch for timers as needed; may deliver timecards from each lane to automations and post meet results if no runner. 

Timer: works during swim meets operating a stopwatch as one of three timers per lane.

Runner: collects timecards from lane timers after each event and delivers to the automations table; posts meet results during the meet.

Concessions/Snack Bar:  help setup prior to meet, sell and cook food items during meet for the Charger Cafe, breakdown café at end of the meet. 

Set-Up/Break-Down: set up pool area prior to warm-up for home meets including: install backstroke flags, remove ladders, install lane ropes, set up automations tables and chairs, arrange seating with cloth lane numbers on chair backs at Clerk of Course and end of lanes, install timer’s boards at end of lanes, set up shade canopies on hot days; clean up and restore pool area at the conclusion of home meets including returning all equipment and tools to storage, reinstall ladders, return pool lounge and deck chairs to original location, and pick up trash.

Bulkhead Crew: critical job unique to Calverton because of our 50-meter pool. The team relies on a trustworthy group of strong individuals who are willing to volunteer their time and muscle on Wednesday late afternoons prior to B-meets, and Friday evenings prior to home A-meets. Steel and fiberglass bulkhead components are carried poolside and assembled in the water to create our 25-meter competition pool required for hosting home swim meets. The bulkhead is disassembled immediately after home meets and returned to storage. 

Parking Attendants: direct drivers to parking areas; monitors permit parking area (A/B Relay Carnival meets ONLY)