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'B Meet' Sign Ups

* Swimmers must sign up for B Meets by the Monday prior in order to swim *

It is the swimmer/parent's responsibility to sign up for 'B' Meets.  Swimmers select their own events for 'B' Meets based on the following criteria: If a swimmer swims in a Saturday 'A' Meet and earns a place ribbon (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.) the swimmer may not swim the same event in the same age group at the next 'B' Meet.  However, the swimmer may "swim up" and swim events at a higher age group.

1. After logging in to the website, select the 'Events' tab or go to the 'Events' section at the bottom of the homepage. 

2. Select the "Attend this Event" or "Edit Commitment" button for the next B meet.

3. Select the swimmer name and after "Sign up Record", select "Yes, please sign up for this event".  Even if your swimmer is not swimming in the 'B' Meet it is helpful for the coaches if all swimmers declare their attendance at all meets. 

4. Select the events your swimmer will be swimming.  If your swimming is swimming up, do not select any events.  Instead, write their events in the 'Notes' field at the top (ie. 11/12 free, 11/12 back, 11/12 breast)

5. Click 'Save Changes'