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"B" Meets

Wednesday Night “B” Meets allow the swimmer to choose what events they wish to swim.  This year, swimmer's will sign up for meets on the website.  A swimmer must be signed up for a meet by the schedule given on the Calendar.  If you are away and not returning until after the Monday sign-ups, but will be here to swim on Wednesday, please let the Wednesday Night representatives know in writing prior to your departure and they will sign your child up.

B Meet dual meets are typically held Wednesday nights, beginning at 6:00 P.M. The meets have 52 events and last approximately 3 hours.

Max of 3 Individuals events and 1 IM (Individual Medley) per swimmer
A swimmer is not eligible to swim in a Wednesday night meet event (for a ribbon or place) if he/she placed 1, 2, 3, or 4th place in the event in the previous Saturday meet. This swimmer may swim exhibition at the coach’s discretion if there is an available lane. Swimmers are allowed to swim up into an older age group. All swimmers must perform a legal stroke in order to participate. Events will be seeded by entry times from slowest to fastest.