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A typical swim meet requires approximately 50 adult volunteers in various roles, and when we host a home meet our team will be required to fill about 30 of those volunteer positions. Whether you have experience or not, there is a volunteer position you can fill.  Without all of these positions filled we cannot run a swim meet.

Here is a brief overview of the volunteer positions needed during swim meets:

Referee -This position requires MCSL Officials Certification - The Referee has full authority over all officials, assigning and instructing them, as well as for enforcing MCSL and individual pools’ safety rules. The Referee has final say on all issues that arise at any meet, and is responsible for filing a protest if a team wishes to do so. Experience and training are required for this position.

Starter- This position requires MCSL Officials Certification . After receiving the signal from the meet Referee, the Starter calls the swimmers to their starting positions, commends swimmers to "take their mark", and sounds the starting horn. The Starter discusses possible false starts with the meet Referee. Experience and training are required for this position.

Stroke and Turn Judges- This position requires MCSL Officials Certification . S&T Judges ensure that all events are swum using “legal” swimming techniques. When observing a potential violation S&T Judges meet with the Referee to discuss what violation has occurred. Each team must provide two (2) MCSL certified Stroke and Turn Judges at each swim meet. Experience and training are required for this position.

Head Timer/Assistant Head Timer - The home team supplies the Head Timer and visiting team supplies the Assistant Head Timer for each meet. These positions are each in charge of three lanes of timers, and they make sure that all timers are in their lanes and watches are cleared and ready for the start of the next race. These volunteers each start two (2) watches simultaneously at the beginning of each event, and they provide their watch to any timer during a race in which their watch malfunctions. Experience as a timer for multiple meets is preferred before filling this role.

Timers – Each team must provide nine (9) timers for each meet. Instruction is given prior to each meet, and timers will be given a stopwatch to use during the meet.  No prior experience or training is required for this role.

Clerk of Course – After swimmers report to Clerk of Course for their event, the Clerk(s) of Course organizes the swimmers according to lane assignments. Clerk of Course will coordinate with Announcer to ensure that swimmers are called to report in sufficient time intervals. Experience is needed for this position.

Assistant Clerk of Course - Helps assign children to lanes and monitor the children's whereabouts.

Runner – Collects the time sheets from the timers and turns them in to the computer operators.

Announcer - Announces all the events for the meet, check-ins to the Clerk of Course, all-star times and team or pool records, and thank sponsors, if applicable. This position is for home meets only, and experience is helpful for this position.

Automation/Computer Operator - Inputs all times into the computer after each event. They record disqualifications, print results, and print out placement labels for ribbons. Experience is helpful for this position.

Ribbon Writers – Places result labels for each event onto the ribbons during the meet, and sort ribbons by team and swimmer name. Ribbon writers will also either distribute ribbons to swimmers at the after meet lunch, or get them to coaches so they may distribute them to swimmers.  No experience is required for this position.

Concessions – Helps set up the Stingray Café prior to home meets, prepare and distribute food and drinks for purchase, collect money from customers, and assist with cleaning up the Café area after the meet

There are other volunteer needs for the swim team outside of meets, throughout the year.  Please contact us if you interested in helping with the swim team outside of the roles outlined above.  We need your help to make a successful swim team!