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We Need Your Help in Order to Provide this Opportunity to Our Children

Swimming is a unique sport that REQUIRES parent participation on a massive scale. Many opportunities are available for parents to help at swim meets. Some positions require training, but most do not. If your child is swimming, please plan on volunteering at their meet. If you have younger children and cannot help at the meet, please provide an item to sell at the concession stand, or help at a different activity for the team.

Positions available at every meet include:

We have a great need for more parents to become officials! Please go here to learn more about this rewarding opportunity!

Announcer - calls swimmers for their events and announces events and makes other announcements during a swim meet.

Meet Set Up & Clean Up Pool Deck - we need two people to arrive about 15 minutes prior to warm ups to help set up the pool deck for the meet. This primarily involves setting up spectator and clerk of course chairs. Then immediately following the meet these two people help move the chairs back to where they were and any other clean up related activities.

Meet Set Up & Clean Up Concessions - we need two people to do the set up and clean up of the concessions.  

Clerk of Course (minimum of 2 for Wednesday night meets) - works with the assistant coaches to line up the swimmers in advance of each swimming event including both individual and relay events. Swimmers are expected to remain in the team area during a meet so the Clerks can line up the swimmers at an appropriate time. While the Clerk of Course position does not require training, it is recommended that new Clerks shadow experienced Clerks.

Head Timer - directs the actions of the lane timers. The Head Timer and Assistant Head Timer starts stopwatches in addition to lane timers in the event of watch or timer failure. These additional watches are provided to lane timers as needed.

Assistant Head Timer - starts stopwatches in addition to lane timers in the event of watch or timer failure. The Assistant Head Timer ensures that time cards are sent to the Computer Operators.

Timers- stand at the end of swim lanes and time events using a stopwatch as directed by the Head Timer. There are three timers for each lane. The home team lanes will have two visitor timers, the visitor lanes will have two home timers. Each time is recorded and the middle time is the official finish time. One of the three lane timers will record the times. Time is recorded on forms provided to the recording timer and collected by the Assistant Head Timer. If you can push a button you can do this job. Great view of the meet.

Please note: all purchases will be covered by MFST. If you are buying items for the meet, you will be fully reimbursed.

Concessions MORNING - one person to buy doughnuts and bagels the morning of the meet.

Concessions BUYER - one person to buy food the day before the meet and put it in the shed.

Concessions ICE - one person to buy ice the day before the meet and ice down the drinks.

Concessions CASHIER - two people to serve as concession cashiers during the meet.

Concessions SERVER - four people to sell food at the concessions during the meet. 

Heat Sheet Sales - one person to arrive at the start of warm ups to sell heat sheets.

Halftime Food for Officials & Timers - Purchase, prepare and serve food for our officials and timers during the break midway through each home meet.  

Grill Master - Operate the grill and cook up those hot dogs and hamburgers for Wednesday evening meets and other special meets. 

Head Scorer and Scorer - work with the computer operators to ensure the correct scores are recorded for each swim meet event.

Computer Operator and Assistant Computer Operator - MCSL certification is not required but training in the use of the software, Hytek Meet Manager and Team Unify is necessary. Computer operators input event times during the meet. Post event results, provide the half time and final score, and provide ribbon labels to the Ribbon Writers. Can be broken down into:

Automation Coordinator: Record swimmer entries 2 days prior to meet. Verifies swimmer entries day before meet. Sends out swimmer entries to opposing team (away meets). Combines away team entries with home team to create a heat sheet of all events (home meets).

Automation Entry – During Meet Check timer sheets, record swimmer times, and verify entries for accuracy. Print final results to post and print labels for ribbon writers.

Ribbon Writers (1 or 2 on Wednesday nights) - prepare the award ribbons for the swimmers. No training is required. The computer operator will provide labels for the ribbons. The ribbon writer puts the sticker on the appropriate ribbon and files the ribbons in the ribbon box. This can be a teen and SSL hours are provided.

Runner (1 or 2) - collect scorecards from the timers at the end of each event and take them to the scorekeepers. Runners are normally only needed for home meets. This can be a teen and SSL hours are provided.