New Swimmer Orientation


New Parent FAQ

1. I am new to the Northwest Branch Dolphins Swim Team. How do I get an account?  Go to NWB's Team Unify page and
click on “New Registration” or “Start Registration” Follow the steps and remember to it submit at the
end of the process.

2. Do we have to be pool members for my swimmers to participate on the swim team?  Yes, in order to
join the swim team, you and your children must be members of the pool. This is an MCSL requirement.

3. When does the swim season begin and end?  Practices for Dolphin swimmers begin on June 1.
Please check the website for times for the different age groups.  This can be found on the team
calendar.  The calendar on the website is fully updated with times and dates.

4. How do I declare if my swimmer is available?  This is done through the team website. Go to 
 “Meets & Events” tab.  Click on each meet and you can check “yes” or
“no” if your swimmer(s) are available.  If you are going to miss a meet(s), please also let the
coach know via email or in person. 

5. When are time trials and what are time trials?   Time trials are basically a practice meet at the start of
the swim season.  All swimmers (with the exception of pre-team) swim this meet

6. Who determines which meets my swimmer(s) will swim in?  The coaches decide (based on times and
evaluations) who will be swimming in the “A” meets on Saturday morning and in the “B” meets on
Wednesday evening.  The coach will email the lineups out for Saturday and Wednesday meets a couple
of days prior to the meet.

7. How long are the volunteer shifts?  It is dependent on the job and usually is anywhere from 1-3 hours.

8. What are the positions? What kind of experience do I need?  Check the job sign up tab when you commit your swimmer to see what positions are available.  Examples of some are timers, parking
attendants, grilling helpers, ribbon writer, etc.  The only ones that need experience are the officials' spots, which
require actual training.

9. How much are the swim suits?  Our pricing will be listed on the website. Sports Fair out of Arlington, VA will be at the pool on Memorial Day during the swim team pre-season meeting.  Swimmers will have a chance to try suits on for sizing and will leave with their suit that day.  Personalized caps will be available and MUST BE ORDERED by May 1, 2022.  After May 1st, there will be a limited supply of NWB caps that are not personalized.

10. Does everyone need the suit and cap?  We do not require everyone to buy the same suit and cap but we do ask the suit be in line with the team colors.  Swimmers may NOT wear a cap in meets that represents another pool or swim club (no RMCS, Machine, ASA, high school, etc...)