Meet Descriptions & Terminology



The MCSL is divided into fifteen divisions (A-O) with the fastest teams in Division A.  Assignment to a division is based on a team’s performance from the previous year.


Time trials are held at the beginning of the season on either the Saturday or Sunday before the first “A” meet at NWB.  At the Time Trials swimmers are timed for each eligible event.  If a swimmer misses time trials they must make arrangements with the Head Coach to time the swimmer in the relevant events the following week at practice.


Dual Meets:  All “A” Meets are scheduled for Saturday mornings.  Swimmers should arrive at poolside for Home meets by 7:50am and for Away meets by 8:10am.  There will be five dual meets per swim season.  A dual meet is comprised of forty individual events, four relay events and six individual medley events.  The three swimmers with the fastest times in each individual event will represent the NWB in the "A" Team Meets.  The one exception is that the freestyle events for swimmers in all age groups will be represented by six swimmers in each age group.

Relay Carnival:   Each MCSL Division has one relay carnival per swim season. The relay carnival is comprised of twenty relay events and all teams in the division compete.  The relay carnival contributes points toward the calculation of the Division Champion and helps determine participants in the MCSL Relay All-Stars Meet.  Medals are awarded for 1st place and ribbons for 2nd and 3rd places.  Team points are awarded as follows: first place = 14 pt., second place = 10 pt., third place = 8 pt., fourth place = 6 pt., fifth place = 4 pt., and sixth place = 2 pt.

MCSL Coaches Invitational Long Course Meet:  The fastest eight swimmers (with two alternates) in the league are invited to participate in each event. Times are based on the first three dual meets.  Swimmers may not be entered in or compete in more than two events.  Events are the same as non-relay events in dual meets with the distances doubled.

Divisional Meet:  There is one divisional meet per swim season.  A divisional meet is comprised of two heats per event following the same order of events used for dual meets.  All six teams from the division compete at the same time.  Each team provides two swimmers per event and the two swimmers with the fastest times in each event will represent the team in the meet.  In individual events, medals are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places and ribbons will be awarded for 4th-6th places.  In relay events, medals will be awarded for 1st place and ribbons for 2nd and 3rd places.

All-Star Meets:  There will be one County Relay All-Star Meet and one County Individual All-Star Meet per swim season.  Both of these meets are league-wide (Divisions A-O). The winning relays from each division compete in the Relay All-Star Meet.  The Individual All-Star Meet is comprised of individual and individual medley events with the fastest sixteen swimmers per event selected from all league divisions.  In the Relay All-Star Meet, plaques are awarded for 1st place, medals for 2nd and 3rd places and ribbons for 4th through 8th places.  For the Individual All-Star Meet, plaques are awarded to the first three places, medals for 4th, 5th, and 6th and ribbons for 7th through 16th places.



All “B” Meets are scheduled for Wednesday evenings.  Swimmers should arrive at poolside for Home meets by 4:50pm and for Away meets by 5:15pm.  There will be five "B" Meets per swim season. "B" Meets are designed to provide competition opportunities for all those swimmers who do not have times that will enable them to compete in the "A" Meets or for those “A” Meet swimmers who want to swim strokes they did not swim at the previous "A" Meet.  It is the belief of the Swim Team that "B" Meet Swimmers are very important to our team and we work very hard to make these meets fun and exciting.


How Roster is Selected:  After the Time Trials the coaches each week select the top three swimmers in back, breast and fly and the top six swimmers in Free.  These swimmers generally swim those events at the Saturday “A” Meet the following weeks.  No swimmer is permitted to swim in more than four events in any “A” Meet and since swim meets include relay and medley events, coaches must select four to six swimmers in each age/gender group to fill out the team.

At each Wednesday meet – or “B” Meet – If a swimmer swims a stroke at an "A" Meet, they cannot swim that stroke in the "B" Meet.  A swimmer may swim a total of 3 individual strokes and 1 individual medley during the course of a swim week (Sat-Wed).  If a swimmer wishes to swim the fourth stroke at a "B" Meet, that is at the discretion of the Coach.

Coaches determine who will swim individual medley events (IM) and relay events based on best times and best time combinations of the relay participants.  In an IM, one swimmer swims all four strokes in a the following order:  fly, back, breast and free.  In a relay event four swimmers take turns with each swimming a particular stroke.

What to do if Your Child Is Unavailable:  Swim meet rosters must be submitted by the coaching staff in advance before each meet.  These rosters must note the name of the swimmer and event to be swum for every event.  Because coaches are permitted to change only a very few swimmers after the roster deadline, it is extremely important that swimmers let the coach know if they will be absent for any meet AT LEAST by the Wednesday preceding the meet. There are always unexpected situations and illnesses that arise to keep swimmers out of the water.  If something unavoidable happens, please contact the Head Coach as soon as possible, even on the morning of the meet.

If a swimmer is scheduled to swim and does not show up, this is called a “scratch”.  It means that the team loses a swimmer in every event that swimmer was scheduled in, the lane is empty, the team loses points and another swimmer loses the opportunity to swim in that event slot.  Failure to tell the coach of your child's planned absence will hurt the team, another swimmer and may jeopardize that swimmer’s further "A" Meet participation for the rest of the season.

“Swimming Up” is a term that means a child swims in an age group above the swimmer’s actual age.  For example, 12 year old Tommy may be asked to swim a 13-14 event in a meet.  Most often, this occurs when a team is short a swimmer in a particular event.  Because swim meets are scored events, a swim-up swimmer often collects points that the team would otherwise forfeit.  Swimmers are never permitted to swim down in age group.