A and B meets


A meets are scheduled according division as determined by the Montgomery County Swimming League (MCSL).  In 2017, Old Farm will be swimming in Division H.  Each division has six teams, and each team swims the other five teams in their division once in a dual meet.  These dual meets are always on Saturday mornings.  Swimmers are allowed to compete in a maximum of 5 events, with no more than 3 of them individual stroke events.  There is one heat of each event for boys and girls, with the exception of freestyle which has two heats for each age group.
Determination of who swims in the "A" meet changes week-to-week according to swimming times and swimmer’s availability.  Some swimmers will also swim in the Relay Carnival, Divisionals Championship, Long Course, and All-Star Individual and Relay Meets, held throughout the season.
We have very limited ability to substitute for a missing swimmer, so an unexpected absence really hurts your unoccupied lane is points lost!  But more importantly, it is also a chance lost for another of our swimmers to swim in the meet.  There is a small window of time on a Friday morning when last minute changes can be made.
Please be sure to read the instructions for indicating your swimmers' availability for ALL the swim meets, even if you don't think they will be needed.  If you say they are available, you must check the roster for the meet each week and get your swimmer to the meet if they are needed.  Inform the coaches immediately if your swimmer has had a change of schedule.
Please refer to the Sign up for A Meets tab under FAQs for instructions about confirming attendance for A Meets.



“B” Meets are held weekly on Wednesday evenings with pools in proximity to ours.  These meets provide every swimmer an opportunity to participate.  The Old Farm Swim Team publishes an exclusions list each weekend:  the top two fastest swimmers in each event from the previous week's A meet are excluded from competing in that event at the B Meet.  Using the exclusions list allows coaches to give the rest of the team the opportunity to improve their own times and win ribbons.
The warmups for B meets generally begin at 5:00pm.  B meets normally begin at 6:00 p.m. and last until around 9:00pm depending on the size of the competing swim teams.  We encourage as many of our swimmers to participate as possible.  The swimmers will have the opportunity to select which events they wish to swim, subject to the approval of the coaches, during the daily practices.
B meets are designed for swimmers to gain confidence, improve times, and stroke techniques.  Coaches consider numerous factors while placing swimmers in events, including the expectation that a swimmer can successfully complete the event without a stroke violation/disqualification.
Please refer to the Sign Up for B Meets tab under FAQs for instructions about registering your swimmer for events in B Meets.