What are Divisionals

Divisionals is the final meet for the Division, this year Old Farm swims in Division I.  The 2016 Divisionals Championship Meet takes place July 23rd at Kenmont.  Each team will be allowed to enter one relay team in events 3, 4, 49 and 50.  For every other event, each team is allowed to enter two swimmers.  These twelve swimmers will be seeded by time with the fastest heat second.  Every swimmer scores in this meet so it is very important that we have a swimmer in each lane.

What place we take in Divisionals, along with our win / loss record for our dual meets and our place in the Relay Carnival impacts our final standing in the division. Surprisingly, our final standing in the Division does not impact what division we are in next year.  That is based on a huge computer swim-off of all 89 teams in the MCSL.