Old Farm Eagles Eligibility Requirements

Swim Team

Any swimmer, age 18 and under, who is a member of Old Farm Swim and Paddle Tennis Club can join the swim team. Those over 8 who have passed a swim test – by swimming the length of the pool and treading water for one minute – are eligible to race in the A and B meets when coaches feel they are ready.  

8 and Under Swimmers (more info in Practice Schedule Tab)  

OFST has a minimum age requirement of 4 by 6/1/17.  Parents of children age 5 and under should sign their swimmer up for tryouts to receive recommended placement in swim groups (8U vs. Preteam vs. Little Eagles). Link to tryouts can be found by pressing the Online Registration Button.   Exceptions: children who are an 8U on a year-round competitive swim team, or children who already completed a season as an OFST 8U should be enrolled directly as an 8 and Under with no tryout needed. Coaches will conduct all tryouts the week of June 5th and have swimmer placements by 6/9/17.  Once placements have been completed, parents may complete registration for their swimmers by paying the registration fees.