Seahawks Sponsors

The success of our swim meets depends on the involvement and support of parent volunteers. At each swim meet one parent is expected to volunteer during one of the volunteer shifts. Volunteer positions are typically scheduled in two shifts and many of the jobs put you at the edge of the pool to watch your child swim. Below are a list of volunteer positions at each meet. Prior to each swim meet you will be asked to sign up to volunteer for one of the following positions.

Stroke and Turn Judges
This is one of the few positions that requires a modest amount of time (about 2 hours) for training.  By the end of the training you will be a certified Stroke and Turn Judge for Prince William Swim League.  Fair competition is not possible without qualified officials.  These judges observe the swimmers to ensure they are swimming in accordance with league rules.  This position gives you the best seat (stand) in the house!!  You stand right at the lane and no one can be in front of you!!!  Ideally we would like as many officials representing the Seahawks so that each Stroke and Turn Judge is able to have a break.

The Referee is an official who enforces the rules during the meet. This position requires training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials through the Prince William Swim League.

The Starter is the person that starts the heats during the meet. They will use the starting system provided by the league. This position requires training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials through the Prince William Swim League.

Clerk of Course

This committee is in charge of organizing the swimmers and lining them up prior to their events.  An efficient clerk of course committee will ensure a smooth running meet that will go fast.  At home meets, we have canopies and chairs set up for the swimmers to sit and wait for their event.

The scoring committee organizes the cards with the swimmers’ time for entry in to the computer and then verifies the times after they have been entered.

The volunteers on this committee label the ribbons at each meet and they also are responsible for handing out the heat winner ribbons on deck.  The labeled ribbons are given to the swimmers at their next practice by the coaches.

This job is the second best seat (stand) in the house.  As mentioned above, Stroke and Turn Official is the best seat!!  The timers obtain an accurate time for the swimmer (using a stopwatch) and then will tell the recorder who will write the information down on each swimmer’s card.

After each race, the recorder will hold up the card for their lane and the “runners” are responsible for collecting the cards and delivering them to the scoring table.

Computer Operator
All data about each swimmer needs to be input into a software program which will be used for every meet home and away.  It will involve working on this during the week of each meet and during each meet.

There are a variety of jobs involved with concessions.  Listed below are the positions:

Friday Night Preparations- all concession items have to be brought to the pool and stored for the morning.
Saturday Set-up- Usually begins around 4:45 AM
Cooks- responsible for running the grills for breakfast foods and lunch
Doughnut pick-up- One person needs to go to Shoppers and pick up the doughnuts…usually around 6:00ish
Concession Stand Workers- work the stand by selling the food items and collecting tickets (no money is involved because we sell tickets for food items)

Pool Set-Up and Take-Down
Essentially, we have to “set” the pool on Friday night to be ready for Saturday morning.  This means a lot of tables, chairs and umbrellas have to be moved, canopies set up, electrical cords and various other last minute details have to be prepared.  We have managed to get the set-up done in about an hour but can't start this until the pool closes around 7:00 pm.

Take-down is the reverse of the set-up.

The announcer stays in the “shack” with a microphone and keeps the meet moving by announcing when the swimmers need to get over to Clerk of Course to line up for their event.  The announcer also announces anything that needs to be communicated to everyone at the meet like lack of parking, change in concession food or sales at the concession booth, lost items, swimmers records etc.

Water Runner
This person is in charge of providing cool water to all the other volunteers that are working.  The stroke and turn judges, the official, timers and recorders along with all volunteers live for their water hydration.