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Ben Lomond Flying Ducks

Complete visiting team info

The Ben Lomond Flying Ducks would like to welcome you to our meet, which will be held at our pool located in the Splashdown Water Park (7500 Ben Lomond Park Drive, Manassas, VA 20109). 

  • From Sudley Manor Drive, turn LEFT on to Ben Lomond Park Drive
  • Splashdown Water Park will be on the right hand side of Ben Lomond Park.
  • Drive through Ben Lomond Park until you reach the main parking lot.
  • The meet entrance is at the back of the parking lot. Please do not try to enter through the main gate, as it will not be open.

Other Meet Support

  • The Splashdown pool contains several pool areas and slides, which are closed during the meet.  Our meet will take place in the 6-lane event pool.  Spectators are asked to stay behind the roped-off pool deck unless filling a volunteer position on the deck. This area is off-limits to all tents and chairs.
  • We must be out of the water by 11:30am and out of the park by 12:00pm.
  • We have two volunteer shifts.  The first shift runs from 7:00am to 9:30am. The second shift runs from 9:30am until the end of the meet, usually 11:00am.
  • Concessions will be available from the beginning of the meet, providing a selection of foods and drinks for sale.
  • Meet sheets will not be sold at concessions; however, they can be printed from a link on our home page ( after 12:00pm Friday (before the meet).  We will provide meet sheets for Officials and Coaches only.  
  • We will have an announcer to inform participants and volunteers of reporting times for swimmers and volunteers as well as general announcements and results.  If you would like to submit special event announcements or birthday information for announcement during the meet, please give that information to the meet announcer at the meet.
  • We will strictly enforce the rule barring hair paint and sharpie use except for event numbers on their swimmer’s hands.  Any child not complying with this rule and unable to wash off the paint and/or markers adequately will not be allowed to compete in the meet.
  • Lifeguards are provided for water and pool deck safety.  The lifeguards will also provide first aid at the guard station located near the restrooms.
  • Your team is invited to set up tents and shelters on the flat, grassy space that runs along the length of the pool. No tent stakes are permitted.  A limited number of chairs are available.  Your team may put up banners and posters on the fences surrounding the pool in their areas.  Please remove all banners and posters upon conclusion of the meet along with all trash.
  • A tent will be set up for the Visiting Team Coaches on deck.
  • A diagram of the pool layout
  • The National Anthem will be sung at 6:58 am.