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Brookside Hurricanes

The Brookside Hurricanes welcome you to our six-lane, 25-meter pool, located at: 7197 Riley Road, Warrenton VA 20187 We look forward to hosting your team for an exciting, fun swim meet!


Please park in designated parking areas and spaces only and obey all parking signs, including temporary NO PARKING signs. Do not park on Riley Road. This includes the section of Riley Road near the pool entrance, and the segment of Riley Road that runs along the storm pond and in front of Auburn Middle School. Avoid blocking any curb areas that are marked in yellow (such as near the median on Allison Marshall Road), or in any area in front of a curb-side mailbox. Failure to abide by parking restrictions may result in a ticket and/or towing.

Limited parking is available in the clubhouse lot. Do not double park, do not park in the fire lane in front of the clubhouse, do not park on the grass or trails/sidewalks, and do not park in handicapped parking spaces unless your vehicle displays the appropriate plates or hang-tag. Additional street parking is available on Brookside Parkway adjacent to the pool and tennis courts and in the Auburn Middle School Parking lot.


The meet will start at 7:00 A.M. Brookside will have the first warm-up at 6:10-6:30, and the visiting team warms up at 6:30-6:50. The pool is cleared at 6:50.


The visiting team may set-up on the multipurpose court to the right of the pool as you face the gates to enter. There is not enough area on the pool deck for chairs; poolside deck space is limited to standing viewing only. Please obey all signs, as you may not set up tents behind the 25-meter starting area. You may also set up outside of the pool area on the grass near the side gate.

Our CoC area is set up around the Wading Pool. The Brookside Hurricanes no longer print and sell Psych Sheets. We will have them available on our website by Friday prior to each meet we host. 

The PLAYGROUND adjacent to the pool is the property of the HOA of Brookside, and is for the sole use of Brookside Owners and their accompanying guests. We regret that we cannot authorize visitors to use the playground during swim meets.