Visiting Team Info


We are pleased to host your swim team and hope that everyone involved has a great meet!  Should you have any questions regarding the information provided below, please contact:

Kevin Mastropaolo, PWSL Representative, 703-623-9070 (cell),

Karen Martin, Braemar Blaster President,

Team Website:



The Braemar Pool is located at 12300 Iona Sound Drive in Bristow, VA 20136.

If coming from the east, take Route 28 south to Linton Hall Road.  Turn right on Linton Hall.  At the second stoplight, turn left onto Braemar Parkway.  The pool is located on the right at the intersection of Braemar Parkway and Iona Sound Drive.

If coming from the west, take Linton Hall Road to Braemar Parkway.  Turn right onto Braemar Parkway. The pool is located on the right at the intersection of Braemar Parkway and Iona Sound Drive.


Parking is available in the lot adjacent to the pool, along Iona Sound Drive and neighboring streets. Parking is also available along both sides of Braemar Parkway past the intersection of Iona Sound Drive. KinderCare, located at 12121 Caithness Circle (turn off of Braemar Parkway), has offered their lot to us during meets as well for overflow parking.

Please do not park in the loading zone or along the yellow painted curb in the lot adjacent to the pool. There is also no parking along Iona Sound Drive from the lot entrance to the intersection of Braemar Parkway.

Please be courteous to our neighbors and enter quietly and refrain from blocking driveways and mailboxes.

Due to the close proximity of houses to the pool, no artificial noise makers can be brought or used on pool grounds except those approved for meet use (public address system, starting equipment). Artificial noise makers include, but are not limited to: drums, air horns, musical instruments, etc.

We ask that families arrive no earlier than 5:30, as our gates will be locked and closed until that time.

Team Area

As you enter the pool, the team area is located in the grassy area opposite the entrance. The visiting team will be on the left. There is an additional overflow setup area outside the fence along Braemar Parkway and in the grassy area adjacent to the Clerk of Course patio. No spectator chairs are allowed on deck.

As a courtesy to all swimmers and families, please ask your team not to “camp out” on deck. Once they have watched their swimmer participate, please ask them to leave the deck.


The meet will start promptly at 7:00a.m. Warm-ups are 20 minutes. Braemar will warm-up from 6:00a.m. – 6:20a.m., and the visiting team will warm-up from 6:25a.m. – 6:45a.m. The pool will be cleared at 6:45a.m.

Relay Lanes

Visiting team relay lanes are 2, 4, and 6.


Please contact our volunteer coordinator Kim Dunaway if you have any questions:

A meeting for volunteers will be announced during warm-ups. 

Shift Times:

Timers, Recorders, and Runners three shifts:

  • Shift One: 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
  • Shift Two: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
  • Shift Three: 11:00 a.m. – end

All other volunteer positions run two shifts:

  • Shift One: 7 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
  • Shift Two: 10:30 a.m. – end

If you run a different shift schedule, please inform the meet announcer of your shift times prior to the beginning of the meet so they can announce your shift changes.

Officials and equipment:

  • Please bring as many stroke and turn officials as possible (minimum of 4).
  • One referee and one starter.
  • Due to the layout of our pool, we request that you bring your starter equipment for use during the 8&U events to minimize delays.  The 8&U swimmers will start at the opposite side of the pool and the timers and recorders will stay in place.

Timers and Recorders:

  • Visiting team is requested to provide one timer and recorder for lanes 1, 3, and 5 and two timers for lanes 2, 4, and 6. A total of 9 timers and 3 recorders for each shift.
  • Timecard runners:
  • Visiting team is requested to provide 2 runners for each shift.

Clerk of Course:

  • Visiting team is requested to provide 3 clerk of course volunteers per shift.
  • Our Clerk of Course area will be set up in the covered patio area to the right of the concession stand (please see pool layout below).  When events are announced over the public address system, please have your swimmers proceed to the clerk of course.  No parents are allowed in the clerk of course area.

Computers, Heat Ribbons, Scorers and Ribbon Writers:

  • Visiting team is requested to provide 1 computer volunteer per shift, 2 scorers and 2 verifiers (4 total) per shift, 3 ribbon writers, and 1 heat ribbon volunteer per shift.
  • Computer area, scoring and ribbons will be setup inside the clubhouse.

Relay assembly area

The Braemar Blasters area is located adjacent to the swimmer staging area, in front of concessions.  The visitor team may setup a relay assembly area next to the pool zero entry, in front of the record board. We ask that you do not block the walkway around the pool. Please refer to the pool layout diagram for the location of the Relay areas.


Concessions will be sold next to the swimmer staging area starting at 6:00 am. At 9:30 am, Chili’s will be serving lunch items. Please visit our website under About>Concessions Menu for a full list of available items. Outside in the parking area, Snowie will be offering Shaved Ice. You don’t want to miss this, especially during the hot summer day!

Please note these PWSL rules/policies

  • Swimmers will not be allowed to compete in PWSL meets if they have body paint, hair paint, and/or sharpie ink on their body beyond event information.  The event information may only be written on one arm or the hand.  The child will be given the opportunity to remove the paint, hair color, and/or sharpie ink before their first scheduled event.  If it cannot be removed the child will not be able to swim.
  • Heat ribbons will NOT be given to relay winners.
  • The distance to the backstroke flags and pool length of the Braemar pool have been measured, and are in compliance with USA swimming regulations.
  • Braemar will utilize dive over starts for 11 and over swimmers only.  If you have any questions, please contact our head official prior to the start of the meet.