Mulch Sale

2020 Mulch Fundraiser

We hope you are all gearing up for another great summer swim season! The order form for our annual mulch fundraiser is now available (and it should be in your email inbox, too).

The BWaves are selling mulch to you AND our neighbors. It is a “win” for the BWaves because we are making a great profit on each bag we sell. It is a “win” for you and your neighbors because it is a better value than what they get at the store AND we will deliver it!!

Why drive to the store for mulch when you can have it delivered right to your driveway? Plus, our mulch bags are BIGGER than the ones most commonly sold at Home Depot and Lowes.
  • 3 cubic foot bags of BROWN mulch are $4.00/bag
  • 3 cubic foot bag of BLACK enhanced mulch are $5.00/bag
  • Mulch will be delivered to your home on March 20, 2020 (weather permitting)
All you have to do is complete the order form attached to this email and send it to - Bridlewaves Swim Team, 9000 Mike Garcia Drive, PMB 124, Manassas, VA 20109 - OR deliver it to a BWaves board member. Orders must be received no later than March 12, 2020.
Please share with your friends and neighbors. The family that sells the most mulch receives a $100 gift card, and we’ll also provide a discount on your swim team registration for every 100 bags sold! The more bags sold, the more great things we can provide our swimmers during the upcoming season!


We will be organizing volunteer loaders/drivers/trucks for delivery.

PLEASE notify the board if you can help load/deliver mulch.

QUESTIONS? EMAIL [email protected]