Football Mania!

Do you love music, sports, and the chance to win prize money?

Check out this exciting new fundraiser for the BWaves... and for you!


We are selling digital music download cards to raise money for the team, but it can also raise money... for you! 

Each digital music download card is also a Sweepstakes Game Card that offers a chance to win real cash money each week! The game cards contain randomly generated football teams and when those teams win, you win. There are 30 winners each week, sharing part of the $1000s in cash prizes, plus Grand Prize winners at the end of the season.Odds of winning at least once during the season are approximately 1 in 16.9. Each week CharityMania calculates the winning sweepstakes game cards.  Winning sweepstakes game card numbers are posted on the CharityMania website each week so that participants can see if they’ve won.  If you are a winner, prize money will be distributed to the BWaves organizers and then given to you.

We are offering two different options - one for College and one for NFL. Here's a sample card to see how it looks:


This is a great opportunity for the team to make some money to keep our operating costs down - and it's a great opportunity for you to earn some credit towards your registration for the 2017 season. (Yes, registration costs will be higher next year, since it will most likely include the cost of a new team suit). Below are some important dates and details for each of the two options.

August 20th (College and NFL):  Deadline to indicate how many tickets you anticipate selling for each game. This is not an obligation to sell or buy these tickets, just a guideline so we know how many to have available without overbuying. Please help us out by estimating your totals at the following link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0a4bafa923a02-ticket  (Don’t forget to count sales to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.  You may request as many paper tickets as you would like.)

August 28th (College and NFL): Ticket Pick-up Day. We will plan to have a time at the clubhouse (or elsewhere if need be) to distribute tickets to the team so you can start selling. (We will also be offering a way for you to sell tickets online.  This way you will be able to reach out to all of your contacts who are not local.  You will be able to register as a seller and send your own personal link to other so that sales will be tracked back to you.)

September 21st (College): Ticket and Money Turn-in.  The College game cards cost $20 each and include entries for each week of the 10-week college football season, which kicks off on September 22nd. The tickets must be activated in order to be eligible to win, so payment and ticket stubs need to be turned in no later than 9/21.

October 26th (NFL): Ticket and Money Turn-in.  The NFL cards cost $10 each and follow the last 10 weeks of the NFL football season, beginning with week eight, which begins on October 27th. The tickets must be activated in order to be eligible to win, so payment and ticket stubs need to be turned in no later than 10/26.


Obviously, the BWaves will get a percentage of each ticket that is sold by the team. BUT so do you! We really want to help defray the costs for the upcoming season, so you get a percentage of every ticket you sell, too! For each $20 college ticket you sell, you will receive a $4.00 credit towards your 2017 registration costs. For every $10 NFL ticket you sell, you will receive a $2.00 credit towards your 2017 registration costs. (For example, if you sell 5 college tickets and 10 NFL tickets, you will receive a credit of $40 towards registration). PLUS, if  you buy tickets for yourself, you will receive the sales credit AND have a chance to win one (or more) of the weekly prizes.(NOTE: Each household is limited to five tickets from each contest). PLUS you get digital music downloads, don't forget that.


Below are a few loose ends that should help make sense of the whole fundraiser and hopefully answer any remaining questions.

  1. There is NO OBLIGATION to buy or sell tickets. 
  2. Unsold tickets do NOT need to be returned - we just ask that you do your best to sell all you take as we are charged for the tickets.
  3. CharityMania stipulates that only 5 entries may be made per household address regardless of the number of people living at that address.
  4. No purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes.  Free game card request forms will be provided to anyone wishing one.  Forms must be filled out and mailed to the address given along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. The request form must be postmarked on or before the Weekly Deadline date to qualify for that week’s prize.  A Game Card will be assigned and mailed in the return envelope sent with the form.  Even if one does not receive the Game Card before the weekly game for which one qualified, one will still be entered to win.  All entrants may enter up to five times, but may not enter more than one time in a day.  (NOTE: in this case, neither you nor the team get any credit for the tickets, so obviously, we'd prefer you buy a ticket.)
  5. If you still have questions, please feel free to send them to us at: board@bwaves.org