We expect that all team members will be active participants and positive influences throughout the season. It takes many people to run a swim meet and there is literally a job for everyone. As such, volunteering
at swim meets is REQUIRED. During registration, all families signed and agreed to volunteer
during the swim season (there are NO EXEMPTIONS).

Meets need volunteers!

Swim meets are unique amongst youth sports. The large number of people needed to run the meets keeps most parents so busy, there’s no time for poor sportsmanship. Parent workers ensure that our children participate in swim meets that are: safe and organized (set-up and clerk of course), timed (timers and recorders), fair (officials, runners, scorers, and computer), fun (ribbons & concessions), and clean (clean-up). The meet jobs that aren’t right next to the action are flexible enough for you to take a break and watch your child swim.

Each meet, there will be an option to choose which volunteer positions and shifts you would like to sign up for. Watch for an email early in the week – usually Sunday afternoon – letting you know when you can log in and sign up. All jobs are important! If you are not able to work as scheduled, try to find a replacement. If you’re unable to find a substitute, please notify the Volunteer Coordinator of the need to fill that position as soon as possible.If you are unfamiliar with what volunteer spots are needed or what they mean, please keep reading because most of the positions are described pretty well below.

For those interested in officiating or clerk of course or computers or anything else that needs specific training, the league plans to have some virtual clinics and we will provide those details when they are available.



Concessions includes cooking, cleaning, serving, exchanging cash for goods and – everyone’s favorite – the grill master. This is a committee position, meaning you’ll be agreeing to help out at each home meet – not just one meet. This also will not show up in the volunteer signups each week so to get on board, you need to arrange it with the committee chair.

With everyone volunteering, hustling, and bustling around the deck each week, who has time to take all the pictures we want to freeze those memories on film forever? (Plus mine always come out blurry.) That’s where the Photography team comes in.

If you have one of those fancy cameras and/or a knack for capturing that perfect shot, consider signing up to take pictures during one (or more) of the shifts. Duties include taking the pictures and uploading them to the team’s Shutterfly site so everyone can revel in your shutterbug skills. Please no watermarks or anything fancy – it’s just for the team. If we use it anywhere else, you’ll get credit.

Every event begins at clerk of course. All swimmers check in and parent volunteers make sure they get set up in the right heat, lane, and event. A committee chair will be heading up the Clerk of Course, but each week, you can sign up for a shift or two to help corral our swimmers and get them in the proper lanes.

Swimming is measured in hundredths of seconds. Some would say milliseconds, but it’s really centiseconds (though apparently that’s not a widely-used term). Those times come from stopwatches and those stopwatches are operated by timers. We assign three timers to each lane (and mix teams to keep things honest and fair). Recorders write those times on the cards and send them on their way to becoming official results. Recorders must have neat handwriting so the scoring team can read them and there are no discrepancies. NOTE: You will get wet in these positions.

The results, ah, yes, the results. Enjoy the air-conditioned clubhouse as you verify times, enter them into the computer, and print out the results sheets everyone is waiting to see. Runners collect the times from the recorders and deliver them to the clubhouse. Scorers verify that the times on the card make sense and are accurate. There are some math skills required here, but there are also cheat guides and calculators, so it’s not too stressful. The computer team enters the results into the system and prints out results as they are finalized.

Swimming is a sport fraught with ribbons. The awards team hands out ribbons to heat winners at the end of each race and helps sort out other achievement ribbons. This also includes labeling placement ribbons each meet as the results come in (usually starting in the second shift) and sorting them out for distributing later. Sometimes this position is in the air conditioning – just saying.

It is not the Bridlewood HOA’s job to clean up after us; it’s ours! After each meet, our team is responsible for “putting the pool back together again”. This means removing lane lines and backstroke flags; returning tables, chairs, and lounges to their original spots; disassembling temporary pavilions, as well as picking up and removing all trash and lost & found items. If everybody cleans up around their area and helps move just a few chairs, the job will get done in minutes.

When we visit another pool for a swim meet, please be sure to leave the area the way you found it. Pick up all the trash in your area, whether you made it or not. Thank you in advance for helping with cleanup.

One of the most coveted spots on the volunteer team is the Friday night setup crew. This position is open for home meets only and it comes with the perk of priority tent placement.

The pool undergoes a pretty significant transformation before we are ready to host a swim meet and this is the crew that make it happen. The Friday night crew congregates at the clubhouse around 7:45pm after the pep rally to help set up the pool deck before we all head home for the night. We pull ropes, move chairs and tables, set up clerk of course tents, and so much more. If you get on the list, you can also bring your tent with you and get a prime spot after set up is complete. (Others can set their tents up the night before as well, but they have to wait for the Friday Night Setup Crew before they are allowed on deck.)

Officials – Stroke & Turn Judges, Referees, and Starters – require some training. If you’d like to learn about these jobs, attend one of the upcoming Officials’ Clinics. No appointments are necessary – just show up!

The schedule for training clinics is currently TBD. Most of the training will take place remotely using Zoom, MS Teams, or something similar.

Contact Chris Chmielenski or Roy Soller ([email protected]), for further information.

If you’re interested in participating on the Swim Team Board, please contact one of the current Board members for more information. Voting takes place at the End of Season party. Interested persons must submit a short summary explaining why they are running and may provide a digital photo for distribution to the team. Board members serve for a two-year term.