Sea Lion Scholarship

This scholarship is given to those swimmers that are aging out of the Sea Lion Team during the current season. It encourages meet participation, college aspirations, and good sportsmanship.

Eligibility: 18 year old swimmers that are aging out of the Sea Lion Team after the current season. Swimmers must be applying to or attending a 2 or 4 year college or accredited trade school.

Value: maximum of $500 each, based on the number of competition meets participated in while in the 15-18 year old age group as a Sea Lion.  Initial funding is calculated at $10 for each meet. This value may change based on overall team funds.

Presentation: The scholarship award winners will be named at the end of season party. The check will be made out to the college or trade school that the awardee selects. If the swimmer is not immediately entering college or continuing education, the check will be held until they do.

If you're interested in contributing to the scholarship fund please see one of the board members or use the following PayPal link.

Special thanks to the following people who have donated to the Sea Lions Scholarship Fund:

Irene Pospolita


Sea Lion Alumni - Scholarship Award Winners


Robbie Seymour 24 meets   $240
Erika Speicher 27 meets   $270
Matt Mickus 22 meets   $220
Savannah Roy 24 meets   $240


Ben Mizrahi 27 meets   $270
Shane Kordalski 27 meets   $270
Hannah Cole 20 meets   $200


Mathew Hazelworth 21 meets Northern Virginia Community College $210


Rebekah Morgan 13 meets Washington State University $130
Amber Smith 17 meets Virginia Commonwealth University $170


Lindsay Sterling 3 meets Boston University $30
Reed Kieler 23 meets James Madison University $230
Daniell Golliker 25 meets   $250