Lil' Lancer Program

Lil’ Lancers  

Lil’ Lancers is a 6 week developmental swim program for children 10 and under who have the confidence and ability to independently swim across the pool (in any manner!), but who still need to learn the proper skills in order to be successful on a competitive swim team. They practice 3 mornings a week (T, W, Th) to learn and practice proper freestyle (with side breathing) and backstroke. Coaches work with swimmers to begin to prepare them for the swim  team.  They will have 2 mini-meets and participate in several Lil' Lancer team building activities.  Specific dates and times are listed in the brochure below.

As soon as Coach Kristen believes a Lil' Lancer swimmer has mastered the team requirements, the swimmer may move up to the competitive team and will be able to compete in swim meets for the rest of the season.  

Swimmers must be evaluated for inclusion in the Lil’ Lancer program. The evaluation consists of a 25 meter length of independent swimming (any style is acceptable) .  Please note:  Lil Lancers is a swim team prep program.   Once you have registered, we will contact you to set up and evaluation.  These will take place at the Prince William Aquatics Center at Colgan High school in May, or at the Lake Ridge Community Swim club in June.  Your registration status will be "pending"  until a successful evaluation has been completed.  Swimmers are welcome to attend an evaluation before registering to ensure that they pass the evaluation before registration payment is made.  

Lil' Lancer program brochure