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Welcome Letter

The Southbridge Seals would like to welcome you to our meet, which will be held at the Southbridge community pool located at 17325 River Ridge Boulevard, Dumfries, VA 22026.

Directions, Parking, and Team Area

  • From the western part of the county: Take Route 234 South (Dumfries Road)
  • From I-95: Take exit 152-A (Dumfries)
  • Turn left onto U.S. 1 North (Jefferson Davis Highway)
  • Take the 1st right onto Wayside Drive
  • Turn left onto River Ridge Boulevard
  • Pool is on the right before stop sign

Parking is available in the community center parking lot on both sides of the facility as well as street parking on River Ridge Boulevard.

Visiting Teams may set up tents and chairs on the upper pool deck around the large (closed) pool as identified on the SBST Pool Layout attached. Your team may put up banners and posters on the fences surrounding the pool in their areas.  Please ensure banners/posters are appropriate and reflect good sportsmanship and are removed along with all trash at the conclusion of the meet.

Warm ups and Meet Time Line





6:10 AM

6:30 AM

Visiting Team

6:30 AM

6:50 AM


7:00 AM

~11:30 AM

* National Anthem at 6:58 AM.


There will be approximately 125 SBST swimmers in this meet.  Please do your best to get commitments from families and swimmers to attend as volunteers and athletes for an efficient meet.  You may use coach’s times or times from a previous season as entry times for this meet.

  • All entries and team record files are due to Emily Lattanzi and Annemarie Juhlin by Thursday at 8pm.
  • Submissions by e-mail to BOTH [email protected] and [email protected] using Team Manager Software files are required.
  • Relays are authorized for up to three relay teams per team per event.  It is recommended that the “A” Relay Teams are assigned to lanes 3 and 4.  Lane assignments are as follows:
    • Visiting Team:  Lanes 2, 4, and 6
    • Southbridge:  Lanes 1, 3, and 5

Volunteers and Equipment

​Southbridge runs two volunteer shifts 7:00 until the end of backstroke events which ends approximately at 9:15/9:30am and from the shift change to the end of the meet for all positions except for officials.  Volunteer coverage must be maintained throughout the meet at the levels indicated below.

Visiting Team Personnel and Equipment Summary



1 Head Timer (per shift)

 2 Clerk of Course (per shift)

Stopwatches for Visiting Team Use

9 Timers (per shift)

2 Runners (per shift)

Starting System (for back up)

3 Recorders (per shift)

2 Scorers (per shift)

Computer (for back up)

4-5 Stroke and Turn Officials

1 Computer Operations (per shift)

Printer (for back up)

1 Referee

1 Ribbon volunteer (per shift)

Disqualification Slips for Visiting Team Use

1 Starter

1 Heat Ribbon Volunteeer

Ribbon Containers for Visiting Team Use

Timers and Recorders 

  • Head Timer:  One per team, per shift (please bring stop watches for your timers use during the meet)
  • Lane Timers:  One timer from the visiting team for each of three lanes (1, 3, and 5) and two timers from the visiting team for each of the remaining three lanes (2, 4, and 6) per shift.
  • Recorders:  One recorder from the visiting team for each of the following three lanes (1, 3, and 5) per shift.

*Timer meeting at 6:40 am on the pool deck – first shift should come with watches to move directly to the pool deck for the 7:00 am start.

Administrative Officials

  • Clerk of Course:  Clerk of Course is on the lower pool deck, by the start end of the pool.
    • Volunteers should check in by 6:45am with the Head Clerk of Course on the pool deck.
    • Please notify the Clerk of Course and Scorers of any “no show” swimmers or scratches as the earliest opportunity.   
  • Runners:  Each team will provide two runners per shift for entry cards and DQ slips.  Please check in with the Southbridge Volunteer Coordinator at 6:45am at the volunteer table as you enter the pool area.
  • Scoring:  Each team will provide two scoring volunteers per shift to assist with scoring throughout the meet.  A minimum of one person per team will need to be available at all times throughout the meet until results are finalized.  A scoring meeting will take place at 7:10am in the scoring area on the upper-deck by the clubhouse for these volunteers.
  • Ribbons:  Each team will provide one ribbon volunteer per shift.  Meet at 7:45am to start ribbons/awards operations at the table on the lower deck.
  • Computer Operations:  Each team will provide one computer operator per shift to assist with data entry and printing throughout the meet.  Our Head Computer Operator for this meet is Emily Lattanzi who can be reached at [email protected].  The computer and printer will be located in the middle table on lower deck on the turn end of the pool and will be set up at 6:30am
    • Team relay cards will be available at this time and handed out to coaches.
    • The visiting team is requested to bring their computer/printer as backup which may be left in your vehicle unless needed.

Officials and Equipment

  • The lead official for this meet is Cathie Mumford and can be reached at [email protected]
  • The visiting team is asked to provide a minimum of 4-5 Stroke and Turn officials (please bring as many as possible), one Referee, and one Starter for wet deck operations. 
    • Please bring your starting system as a backup which may be left in your vehicle unless needed.
    • Specific assignments will be made at the officials meeting at 6:25 am on the pool deck by the starting system.
    • Training of new officials is authorized and they should attend the officials meeting for their assignment.
  • Meet participants are reminded that the deck officials are responsible for providing fair and equitable conditions during the meet.  Head coaches from either team should bring any questions concerning results, scores, disqualifications, times, records, awards, or lane/heat assignments to the Head Referee.  Matters will be resolved as quickly as possible with the official(s) concerned.
  • The backstroke flags at each end of the pool are located at the 5 meter standard.
  • Typically, we do not use dive-over starts, but this may be considered for larger teams.  If applicable, the use of dive-over starts will be addressed at the officials meeting.  If there are any concerns about the use of this protocol, please raise them with the lead official at the officials meeting or in advance of the meet start.

Other Meet Information

  • The Southbridge Community Pool also contains a large pool with slide and a baby pool which are closed during the meet.  Our meet will take place in the 6-lane event pool.  Spectators are asked to stay behind the roped-off pool deck unless filling a volunteer position on deck.  This area is off-limits to all tents/chairs.
  • Concessions will be available from the beginning of the meet, providing a selection of foods and drinks for sale - through credit/debit and apple pay.  Change may not be provided for cash transactions. 
  • We may conduct a 50/50 raffle during the meet.
  • Meet programs will be provided for Officials and Coaches and SBST will make them available for the visiting team for e-mail distribution prior to the meet.
  • We will have an announcer to inform participants and volunteers of reporting times as well as general announcements and results.  If you would like to submit special event announcements such as for birthdays or special occasions please give that information directly to the meet announcer at the meet.
  • A tent and chairs will be set up for the visiting team coaches on deck.
  • Lifeguards are provided for water and pool deck safety.  First-Aid will be provided at the Lifeguard station at the base of the clubhouse.
  • Please observe all reserved parking spots – the HOA WILL TOW vehicles without warning.

If you need additional information, please contact our team President, Annemarie Juhlin at [email protected] or at 571-264-6265 or visit our webpage at