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Volunteer Job Sign-up Instructions

It takes a large village to run these events and we're grateful to have everyone playing their part!

2018 Summer Swim Volunteer Method

This year, we'll be doing the volunteer coordination a little different. Each family will receive a Google form to fill out. This form will collect information on that family's swim demographics, meet availability, and volunteer preferences. Once the forms have been submitted, each family will receive a master list of the volunteers and backups for each meet for the entire season. If you need to make to make a change to the master volunteer sheet, you'll need to contact the Volunteer Coordinated (TBD) as soon as you're aware of the conflict.

For a detailed description of each volunteer position and its requirements, CLICK HERE.



2017 Summer Swim Job Sign Up Instructions:

Job Sign Ups open every Sunday at 8:00 pm.

Log in to the Team Unify website a few minutes early to be ready to go at 8:00 pm.


To begin the sign-up process:

  1. Log on to the Team Unify website

  2. Click on the Home tab to locate the Calendar of Events in the lower right-hand corner of page.
  3. Scroll to the meet you want to work then click the Job Sign Up button
-Available jobs will have an empty box next to them and a ---------- line.
Click on the empty box, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Signup box.

  4. A screen will pop up asking you to enter Optional Contact Information.
 Please enter the name of the person volunteering if it is someone other than you and a CELL PHONE number they can be reached at.

  5. Don’t forget to click Sign-up again to save your selection. It does not save automatically.


If you have any questions or problems during the job sign up, please do not hesitate to contact
Chris Boone at (703) 915-0783 or and she will be happy to help you.
 Again, many thanks for your time, attention and SERVICE! We couldn't do it all without your help!